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Rutgers SHP Student Affairs Career Resource Center is committed to providing resources to our students and alumni as you prepare for your career. Our goal is to provide you with a range of services and resources that will assist you as you explore career opportunities.

Some of the resources that you will find here will include on-line job postings of opportunities available at Rutgers SHP and the Health Community. Additionally, there are helpful tips for interviewing and resume-writing, as well as information about employability workshops that are either on-line or in-person.

Every interview is different but following the same overall principles will help you confidently express your qualifications, strengths and interest for the position as you make your way through the interview process. Below are some key areas to focus on for any interview as well as some helpful resources.

It is extremely important to be prepared for your interview whether it be knowing your own resume inside and out or doing research on the company and position you are applying for. Employers want to know that you are serious about the position you are interviewing for and not just going through the motions of another job interview. Research can be as simple as pulling the company up on the internet and seeing what the company does and how the company is doing. It is also extremely important to review the job posting as there may be key responsibilities of the position that you should be familiar with.

Anticipating the questions that you will be asked is a great way to prepare for your interview. The majority of interviews will include standard questions regarding your own life and work experience as well as your education and personal interests.

There is no better way to prepare for interviews then through practice, practice and more practice. Practicing will allow you to feel more confident with how you present and express yourself. Mock interviews with family, friends, co-workers, is an excellent tool to prepare for your upcoming interview.

Please see below several standard questions to practice your responses with:

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • What made you apply for this position?
  • What are your three best qualities?
  • How would your supervisor/manager describe you if we were to ask?
  • Describe a regular day in your current position?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now professionally?
  • If you were to get this position, how do you see yourself making an impact?
  • Doing a self-assessment of yourself, what area would you most like to improve upon?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • First Impressions Matter!  – Be on time and dress accordingly for the interview.
  • Take the Interview To Them! – By preparing and anticipating, you should be ready to not only answer questions but offer answers before the questions are even asked. For example, why wait for the interviewer to ask what your best qualities are? Take the initiative and provide your 3 best qualities when you are initially telling them about yourself.
  • Be confident and enjoy the interview – Remember that this is a chance to make the interviewer aware of all of your great qualities and accomplishments. Every interview is a positive interview because you will be gaining experience which will only lead to you being more comfortable in the interview setting.

Please visit the “AfterCollege” Interview Center for helpful information topics such as:

  • Interview Basics
  • Before Your Interview
  • Inappropriate Questions
  • After Your Interview
  • How To Evaluate An Offer?

You can access the “AfterCollege” site by clicking here.

Rutgers School of Health Professions students and alumni have the opportunity to attend a Mock Interview arranged by the Office of Student Affairs. Interested in a mock interview? Email us at, or call 973-972-7939 to make an appointment.

The most effective resumes are not mass produced but written for a single employer with a particular position or goal in mind. Writing your resume is an on-going process that entails creating your resume, searching for appropriate job postings and continuously rewriting your resume. The goal should always be to have a resume that is shaped to respond exactly to the employer’s expectations. Your primary resource for resume writing is the Office of Student Affairs. Please email

  • JobScan is a great resume writing resource with information about resumes and tools to help you optimize the keywords on your resume to match it to job descriptions.
  • Zety is a great website with many resources for resume writing and the answers to many resume questions.

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AfterCollege and The School of Health Professions are pleased to introduce the Career Resource Center. The Career Resource Center is tailored to the needs of the Rutgers – SHP student, Allied Health alumni, and interested employers who are seeking to hire competent allied health professionals from the School of Health Professionals.

  • CURRENT STUDENTS AND SOON-TO-BE-GRADUATES – Check out jobs that are available and make well-informed decisions about your future after graduation. Listings are available from both local and out-of-state employers. Upload and store your resume online. Receive updates when new jobs in your profession are posted.
  • ALUMNI – Check out available jobs in your chosen profession or refer your organization to hire SHP graduates by posting through this service.
  • EMPLOYERS – Market directly to our soon-to-be graduates and alumni members by posting information about your full-time and part-time job vacancies, summer internships, and opportunities for students. You can also receive qualified applications and resumes by email. Sign Up Now!

Resume Center

Please visit the “AfterCollege” On-Line Resume Center for additional information on: Providing Effective References, Appropriate Correspondence, Developing Your Prospects with a Solid Resume. You can access this information on the “AfterCollege” website by clicking here.