Student Dietetic Association

The Rutgers University School of Health Professions (SHP) Department of Clinical and Preventive Nutrition Sciences (DCPNS), Student Dietetic Association (SDA) aims to bring together DCPNS students from entry to advanced practice. Our goals are to provide opportunities for members to network across DCPNS programs, provide opportunities for professional development and promote healthful diet and nutrition messaging to our community at Rutgers, in NJ, nationally and around the globe.

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Annalyse Boucher
Board Position: President
Where I am from: Hillside, New Jersey
Nutrition Interests: Disease prevention, health promotion, nutrition education
Nutrition has always been an interest of mine, since I realized as a kid how much better I felt when I ate healthy foods. But, I didn’t realize that I could turn my passion for food and health into a career, until I learned about nutrition and dietetics in college. My own personal health struggles further inspired me to pursue clinical nutrition as my career so that I can help others feel good about themselves too!

Briana Walsh
Board Position: Vice President
Where I am from: Cinnaminson, New Jersey
Nutrition Interests: I first got into nutrition playing varsity field hockey in high school. I wanted to know how to optimize my athletic performance using food as fuel. However, after getting to work in community nutrition within medically underserved communities, I became interested in nutrition and health promotion for under-represented populations of diverse cultural and socio-economic statuses.

Felicia Franchitto
Board Position: Vice President
Where I am from: Foxboro, Massachusetts
Nutrition Interests: Oncology, research, and GI
I discovered my interest in nutrition after experiencing health complications at a young age and being able to firsthand see how food impacts our health.

Carly Ellis
Board Position: Secretary
Where I am from: Rockaway, New Jersey
Nutrition Interests: Pediatrics, nutrition support, intuitive eating
I became interested in a career in nutrition as it combines my love for food, science, and helping others live healthier lives.

Grace Perez
Board Position: Secretary
Where I’m From: Manahawkin, NJ
Nutrition Interests: Renal, Diabetes, GI, Food Banks & Food Insecurity
How did I get here? My interest in nutrition sparked when I began working as a diet aide in my local hospital. I continued to work there for 11 years and my passion for nutrition only grew with patient interaction as I learned about diets and worked in the diet office.

Paige Heiden
Board Position: Public Relations Officer
Where I am from: Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Nutrition Interests: weight management, Telehealth and the geriatric population. I discovered my interest in nutrition at a young age after struggling with weight management.

Gabriella Salazar
Board Position: Public Relations Officer
Where I’m from: Green Brook, New Jersey
Nutrition Interests: Pediatrics, CVD prevention, and wellness. I became interested in nutrition after my dad had cardiovascular surgery and had to reinvent his diet.

Emily Lim
Board Position: Student Council Liaison
Where I am from: Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
Nutrition Interests: Metabolic diseases, digestive disorders, weight-loss surgery
I discovered my interest in nutrition from playing sports throughout school and from my mother who is was always eating healthy.

Nicole Piotrowski 
Position: Student council liaison
Where I’m from: Florence, New Jersey 
Nutrition interests: I am interested in pediatric nutrition. I was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal condition as a child, that can lead to multiple nutritional issues. After having that experience for myself, it gave me the motivation to help others who are in the same position that I was.

Audrey Vero
Board Position: Student Representative
Where I am from: Sarasota, FL
Nutrition Interest: Sports Nutrition, Integrative and Function Nutrition. I found my interest in nutrition through my love for food, fitness and all things health focused.

Madeline Bartzis
Board Position: Student Representative
Where I am from: Chicago, Illinois
Nutrition Interests: I am particularly interested in nutrition as it applies to disease processes and the fundamental roles that diet and lifestyle play in the prevention, progression and management of various medical conditions. I aspire to obtain licensure as a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC) and a Board-Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition (CSO), as nutrition support and oncology are two specific areas of the nutritional science field that I am passionate about.

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