Interprofessional Education at the School of Health Professions

Interprofessional Education at the School of Health Professions offers students innovative and collaborative activities, including both didactic and experiential exposure. Our students learn teamwork, effective communication, what other health professions’ roles and responsibilities from faculty and from each other. Multiple times a year, the School facilitates encounters or case conference on a variety of health conditions to showcase the necessity of a wide variety of disciplines working together to help the patient and their caregivers/families navigate the complexities of health care through communication and teamwork.

The Interprofessional Education Faculty Advisory Group, led by Dr. Alma Merians, associate dean and chair, is drafting a school-wide framework for IPE that will focus on students’ exposure to roles and responsibilities, effective communication, and teamwork in the health care landscape. The framework will be a derivative of the IPEC Core Competencies and the RBHS Framework for the Development of Interprofessional Collaboration and Practice Competencies. In addition, the advisory group is exploring the creation of a 1-credit IPE course, as well as the use of technology to include students in distance programs in encounters.

For a full list of activities across all SHP and RBHS programs, please visit the RBHS Office of Interprofessional Programs’ website.