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Workshops & Speaker Series

SHP Faculty Research Work-in-Progress (WIP) Seminar Series
4th Thursday of the Month
Date Name Title Department
1/25/2018 Joseph Zeni Improving outcomes after joint replacement: A moving target Rehab and Movement Sciences
2/22/2018 Antonina Mitrofanova The role of NKX3.1 in therapeutic resistance to Finasteride in Prostate Cancer Health Informatics
3/22/2018 Weili Lu Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Treating hidden barriers in Supported Employment and preliminary results Psych Rehab and Counseling Prof
4/26/2018 Gerry Fluet Virtual Rehabilitation for Upper Extremity Hemiparesis Rehab and Movement Sciences
5/24/2018 Suril Gohel High frequency resting state networks in clinical populations/ Calibration approaches for BOLD fMRI signal Health Informatics
6/28/2018 Jean-Francois Daneault Altered motor behavior in Parkinson’s disease: a possible early detection marker Rehab and Movement Sciences
9/27/2018 Shristi Rawal Determinants and Consequences of Gestational Diabetes Nutritional Sciences
10/25/2018 Carrie Esopenko Brain and Behavioral Outcomes Post-Concussion Rehab and Movement Sciences
11/29/2018 Judy Thompson Visual Processing Impairments in Schizophrenia Psych Rehab and Counseling Prof
1/24/2019 Laura Byham-Gray Predictors of Protein-Energy Wasting in Chronic Kidney Disease:  The Intersection of Science and Stakeholder Engagement Nutritional Sciences
Confirmed PhD Student Work in Progress (WIP) Seminar Series
(Students in Dissertation Phase)
Date Last Name Project Title Mentor Program
9/13/2018 Narita Shana Relationship Between Admission Criteria and Student Success in Associate Degree Radiography Programs Bob Denmark PhD Health Sciences
9/20/2018 Bohannan Zach Study of racial disparity through analysis of genomic alterations in AML and ALL patients Antonina Mitrofanova PhD Biomedical Informatics
10/11/2018 Unnithan Manu (Epi) genomic mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in melanoma Antonina Mitrofanova PhD Biomedical Informatics
10/18/2018 Rahem Sarra Computational systems approaches to uncover mechanisms of anti-estrogen resistance in breast cancer Antonina Mitrofanova PhD Biomedical Informatics
11/8/2018 Boyd Melinda Exploring enablers and barriers for research involvement among clinician researchers in nutrition Laura Byham-Gray/Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
11/15/2018 Patusco Rachael Relationship Between Weight Status and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Laura Byham-Gray/Jane Ziegler Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
12/13/2018 Bruen Tracy Implementation of Nutrition Support Guidelines in a Community-Based Hospital Laura Byham-Gray/Jennifer Tomesko Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
12/20/2018 Gottesman Kimberly Relationships between physical activity and cardiometabolic risk factors of women participating in a worksite wellness program Riva Touger-Decker/Diane Rigassio Radler Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
1/10/2019 Sacks Nancy Exploring Nutritional Status Among Survivors of Childhood Solid Tumors Laura Byham-Gray/Jane Ziegler Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
1/17/2019 Prest Melissa Validation of the Nutrition-Specific Quality of Life Tool in Hemodialysis Laura Byham-Gray PhD Health Sciences
1/31/2019 Joseph Tripodi Evaluating the Clinical Utility of Integrated Genomic Data in Patients With Myeloid Malignancies Shibata PhD Biomedical Informatics
2/14/2019 Moore Cindy In proposal development phase on the topic of Shared Decision Making. Sandra Kaplan PhD Health Sciences
2/21/2019 Nicolas Fadia S-Nitrosylation in brain of Mice Exposed to Low or High Doses of gamma Rays: A bioinformatic investigation of the modulated pathways Shibata/Azzam PhD Biomedical Informatics
3/14/2019 Peak Robert TBD Shibata/Azam PhD Biomedical Informatics
4/11/2019 Craige Michael Structural and Chemical Characteristics of Cancer Therapy Agents Required for Protein-Protein Interaction Disruptors on Focal Adhesion Targeting Domain Shibata PhD Biomedical Informatics
4/18/2019 Wattanasin Nich TBD Murphy/Shibata PhD Biomedical Informatics
5/9/2019 Ismaeil Tarek TBD Shibata/Azam PhD Biomedical Informatics
5/16/2019 Nuber David TBD Diehl/Shibata PhD Biomedical Informatics