Workshops & Speaker Series

Learn about the important research being conducted in the School of Health Professions by attending our Works-In-Progress seminar series. All seminars take place in Room 133 of the Stanley S. Bergen Jr. Building, from 1-2 p.m. on the specified date below or can be attended through Zoom. The schedule will be updated as new speakers are added.

Doctoral Student Research Work in Progress (WIP) Seminar Series
Date Presenter Title Mentor Program
1/16/2020 Jeremy Smoldon The challenge of differential diagnosis for adult ADHD: Utilizing Delphi to improve the clinical description of ADHD in adults Bob Denmark/ James Scott Parrott PhD Health Sciences
2/20/2020 Derek Malenczak The Experience of College Re-Entry for Students with Mental Health Conditions Following an Educational Interruption due to Psychiatric Reasons: A Mixed-Method Inquiry Amy Spagnolo PhD Psychiatric Rehabilitation
3/12/2020 Steven Marionneaux The Use of Digital Imaging for Residual Disease Screening in Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Shashi Mehta PhD Health Sciences
4/9/2020 Anthony Mayo Trends in Substance Use-Related Emergency Room Visits in the U.S., 2004-2011 Suchismita Ray  PhD Biomedical Informatics
5/21/2020 Sheri Volger Evaluating the effect of a public health policy limiting the portion size of sugar-sweetened beverages Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia PhD Health Sciences
9/10/2020 Jennifer McMaster Trends in Opioid Abuse, 2005-2011 Suchismita Ray Biomedical Informatics
9/17/2020 Marielle Blackburn TBD Sandra Kaplan Health Sciences
10/15/2020 Wael Hassan Quantification Of Bioanalytes And Measurement Of Cell Cytotoxicity Utilizing The Matlab Image Analysis Toolbox Shashi Mehta/Dinesh Mital  PhD Biomedical Informatics
10/22/2020 Mohamed Ahmed Quantify Anatomical, Functional, and Metabolic Disruptions in Alzheimer Patients Compared to Healthy Populations Suril Gohel  PhD Biomedical Informatics
11/12/2020 Brian Eckenrode The Effects of High Frequency Strengthening on Indicators of Central and Peripheral Pain Sensitization in Female Runners with Chronic Patellofemoral Pain Dave Kietrys PhD Health Sciences
12/10/2020 Joel Subach Pannexin-1 In Silico Modeling Towards Physiological and Pathological Functioning Frederick Coffman  PhD Biomedical Informatics
Speaker Series
Date Presenter Title
6/11/20 Jorge Serrador, PhD The Relationship between Vestibular Function and Brain Blood Flow: Why Astronauts Faint