Admissions Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Rutgers School of Health Professions.
Please review each of the items below for instructions on how to complete the admissions process. It is important to download, complete, and submit appropriate forms to Enrollment Management with your tuition deposit. Please note that form download and other functions may not be compatible with mobile devices.

Please send required acceptance documents to Rutgers SHP Enrollment Management:
Post mail:
Rutgers – School of Health Professions
Office of Enrollment Management
65 Bergen Street, Room 149
Newark, NJ 07107



A. Complete by date designated within your acceptance packet.

Item #1 Applicant Response Sheet
Item #2 Requirements for Graduation
Item #3 Technical Standards
Item #4 Tuition Deposit
Item #5 Criminal Background Check

B. Cannot be completed until after Section A items.

Item #6 New Student Orientation
Item #7 New Student Welcome Sessions
Item #8 Academic Integrity Training/Compliance Trainings
Item #9 Immunization Forms
Item #10 Waiving Health Insurance
Item #11 Register your disability with the RBHS Office of Disability Services
Item #12 New Student ID Card
Item #13 RU Here – Confirmation of Attendance Process

** The form is included in acceptance package if required for your program .

International Students – Please click on the link to visit the Office of International Service’s website. The website provides information for new and current students regarding F1’s, I-20’s, and more.

Please click here for the Applicant Response Sheet; review, sign and return the first page of this document. Please keep the Faculty/Student Honor Code for your records.
Please sign and return the Requirements for Graduation form which was included in your acceptance packet. Requirements for Graduation by program can be searched here.

Tuition deposits are required for all programs as indicated below. Pay your tuition deposit online now with a check or credit card

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy North and South Programs, Occupational Therapy Doctorate programs: $750 deposit required
  • Physician Assistant Program: $700 deposit required
  • Speech Language Pathology: $250.00 deposit required
  • Certified Medical Representative tracks of MS Health Sciences & Health Professions Education: $500 deposit required

All other programs: $200 deposit required

Rutgers SHP Acceptance Deposit Fee Waiver Request

School of Health Professions (SHP) requires a non-refundable deposit from each student entering the school (please see the admissions checklist for information on the cost of the deposit for your program).
The tuition deposit may be waived for the following:
• Applied online for a Free Application for Student Assistance (FAFSA) and the completed form reflects an expected family contribution
(EFC) of $2000.00 or less.
• EOF, LSAMP, TRIO sponsored student
• All who are seeking an Acceptance Deposit Fee Waiver must complete this waiver form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
Please complete this form to request a Tuition Deposit Fee Waiver.

Instructions for a Criminal Background Check

The information below supplements the Rutgers RBHS Policy, Criminal Background Check.

This policy shall apply to all applicants accepted for admission to, and students enrolled in or visiting educational programs that may include clinical experience in any facility that requires or may require a criminal background check to be performed on students assigned to that facility as part of their educational program.

Students must also agree to notify the School of any convictions, guilty plea or no contest pleas to any crime, misdemeanor or other offense and of any arrests, detentions, charges or investigations by any law enforcement authorities, which occur subsequent to the applicant’s student’s submission of the Accepted Applicant/Enrolled Student Disclosure Form.

Please follow the self-apply, self-pay instructions found here. Please confirm that your program requires the Criminal Background Check before applying. There are no refunds for those who apply for this service and pay in error.

If you have not completed a CBC and need to do so, please follow along with the NEW student process (above).

If you have completed/paid the CBC at the time of entry and need an updated CBC, please submit the below two forms.

Enrolled Student Disclosure and Authorization Form

If you completed a Criminal Background Check and need a verification report of the results for your clinical site, please email indicating the approximate month and year in which your search was completed.

SHP Programs Requiring a Criminal Background Check:

Allied Health Technologies:

Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cardiac Sonography
Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Clinical Laboratory Sciences:

Medical laboratory Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Sciences (DCLS)
Clinical Nutrition (MS & DCN)
Diagnostic Imaging Technologies
Health Information Management
Health Sciences (PhD, MS, BS – all concentrations)
Health Care Management
Medical Coding
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Physical Therapy (Newark & Blackwood)
Physician Assistant
Radiologist Assistant

SHP Programs NOT Requiring a Criminal Background Check:

Health Informatics (PhD, MS)
Clinical Laboratory Sciences (MS)
Clinical Research Management
Health Care Informatics
Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PhD, MS, BS)
Psychosocial Rehabilitation (AS)
Rehabilitation Counseling

Instructions for Drug Testing

Typically, all programs with a clinical component require drug testing. However, students only require drug testing if the clinical site requests it. Students will be informed by their programs regarding each clinical placement’s specific requirements before the start date of their clinical experience. To request a drug test, follow the self-apply instructions for found here. Make sure to select “UM59dt: Drug Test ONLY” under package selection.

PLEASE NOTE: Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy Doctorate, Physician Assistant, and Speech-Language Programs students only require drug testing if the clinical site requests it. Students will be informed regarding specific requirements for each clinical placement prior to the start date of their clinical experience.

All new students are required to review the SHP New Student Orientation which contains important information that will be helpful to you as you begin your education with SHP. When signing your Applicant Response sheet, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed the Orientation. Please click here for New Student Information.

Please note: Students will not be able to access the online student orientation portal until they have submitted all acceptance documents and
have been on-boarded successfully.

All incoming SHP students must complete the online Welcome Session before the first day of class in your first semester in your program. This session is meant to welcome our new students as well as advise of the many student support services and resources available to you as an SHP and Rutgers student. Please note that this online session is in addition to both the SHP Online Student Orientation as well as any SHP program specific orientations. For more information about the SHP Welcome Session including how to RSVP or a tutorial for online access – click here.

All SHP newly admitted matriculated students must complete the following trainings; SHP Academic Integrity Training (in Canvas), four Compliance training modules in Healthstream (HIPAA Compliance (Modules 1-3), Rutgers University General Ethics and Compliance Training) and the “Not Anymore” Training. All trainings except “Not Anymore” must be completed before the first day of class. The “Not Anymore” training will be due two –three weeks after being activated in the “Not Anymore” training system. New students will be given access to the Healthstream training modules one to two months before the first day of class and “Not Anymore” training one to two weeks after the start of class. Emails will be sent to new students Rutgers SHP email accounts when the Healthstream and “Not Anymore” training modules are activated and ready to complete. Please visit the SHP Compliance training page for specific information on accessing and completing the trainings. Summer admits may not be enrolled in HealthStream until July. Please note that specific programs with summer admits may
require training completions prior to July.

SHP students are either in a designated “Web-based” program or “Traditional-based”.

  • Students in a Web-based Program – If your program is entirely distance and does not contain a clinical component, you are not required to submit immunization records. For those in distance programs with a clinical component please visit the Student Health website to obtain and submit the proper documentation.
  • Traditional Students (Not Web-based) – Visit the Student Health website to obtain and submit the proper documentation.

Part time students enrolled in clinical courses and all full-time students are required to have health insurance. If you have comparable insurance and do not wish to purchase the plan sponsored by Rutgers, you must waive the health insurance by clicking on this link and completing the waiver.

*** Please note that to waive health insurance you will need your Rutgers student A# (identification #) which you will receive from Enrollment Services after you have submitted your deposit and required documents ***

  • Please register your disability as soon as you are admitted. All students who are seeking academic accommodations as School of Health Professions (SHP) students must register their disability with the Disability Coordinator using the following link:
  • Students who are requesting accommodations must also review the SHP documentation guidelines and essential functions for their program. This information can be found here.

To obtain an ID card you must upload a photo. Please access the following link for instructions: This online portal allows for an easy submission of the photo you would like included on your ID Card. All new students must be registered for classes to be eligible for an ID Card.

RBHS Newark Health Science Campus Students ONLY
ID cards will be distributed in person by your program. For any questions regarding when the ID card will be received, please contact your program director.

Requests for a Replacement ID Card

Students requesting a replacement ID card must pay the $20.00 replacement fee (see payment link below) and email the payment confirmation to

Enrollment Management-Admissions:  Students must include their Full name and Student ID Number in that email.

When that confirmation is received, a request will be initiated for the new ID card.  ID card pick-up notification will be sent via email.

RBHS Piscataway Campus Students ONLY
Once you have uploaded your photo, you must obtain the printed ID from the Busch Post Office (see address below).

Distance Students ONLY 
Please follow the instructions to upload your photo. Once your photo has been uploaded, please forward the confirmation email including your student ID number to:

Previous Rutgers ID Card Holder
You must obtain an SHP distributed ID card in order to gain access to SHP facilities.

PLEASE NOTE: A photo must be uploaded successfully for an ID car