Admissions Answers

We have complied a list of frequently asked questions by prospective students, along with the corresponding answers. We have broken down the questions into sub-sections:

  • Admissions Processes
  • Post Admission
  • Non-Matriculated Students
  • Finanical Aid
  • School Codes
  • Health Insurance
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • On-line Programs
  • Access to Portals
  • Transfer Credits
  • Portfolio Assessments
  • New Student Orientation
  • Residency Answers
  • Workforce Development
  • International Students

If you still have questions, contact us: 973-972-5454 or

The best way to navigate is through your program page. Each program has an “Admissions Criteria” which outlines the process for admission.

The tuition and fees for the school can be found on SHP’s Tuition and Fees web page.

Yes, applicants may apply online through the SHP website (undergraduate or graduate). You will need a credit card to pay the application fee. Applicants to the joint programs in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Psychology with Kean University cannot apply online.

The acceptable GPA depends on the respective program. Please see the page for the program you are interested in for specific information.

Yes, for only one term. You must call Enrollment Management and request to have the application reviewed for another term by the Program Director. After one year from the term you applied for, you must submit another application and fee.

Admission /denial decisions are made by the Program Director. The number of students accepted varies from program to program as well as other requirements such as GPA and test scores. Please see specific program brochures for more detailed information on admission requirements.

Most programs review the applications shortly after the deadline. Decisions are sent out to students within a few weeks following the reviewal. Other programs will accept students on a rolling basis throughout the year.

If the semester for which you were admitted has not begun yet, you may fill out a deferment form for the future semester in which you would like to start attending classes.  You can only defer to a semester in which the program accepts new students. Your requested program start should be no more than one year from the semester in which you were offered admission. If approved, Enrollment Management will contact your Program Director and send you another acceptance letter.

If the semester for which you have been accepted has already begun, you must re-apply to the program by sending in another application and application fee. Contact Enrollment Management to confirm that they can use the same recommendation letters, resume, transcripts, etc. Updated transcripts will be required if you have completed additional coursework since applying previously. If you are offered admission again, you will receive a new acceptance letter for the appropriate term.

Our policy is to keep your official documents on file for at least two years from when they are initially submitted. However, when reactivating an application or reapplying to Rutgers SHP, you should confirm with Enrollment Management which documents we still have in our possession and if they can be used for your new application file.

You will have to send in another application and application fee. The same external documents can be used from the previous application. If accepted, you will receive another acceptance letter and will have to officially withdraw from the current program you are enrolled in.

With your offer letter you will receive detailed information specific to your program as well as directions to complete the Admissions Checklist by a set date.

All Rutgers SHP programs require that a non-refundable deposit be paid in order to hold your space in the program. This payment can be made online with a check or credit card. This deposit is credited towards your first semester term bill. If you do not register for the semester in which you were admitted and do not apply for and receive approval for deferral to a subsequent admissions cycle, this deposit is forfeited.

The student ID is a generated number that will be used to identify you as an SHP student. Student ID numbers (starts with ‘A’) are located on the Welcome tab of the My.Rutgers portal. In the University Wide ToolBox, there is a link titled “My University ID”. You can access your student ID number within a couple of weeks after you accept admittance and submit the needed forms and make a deposit.

Please Note: Following the submission and processing of the required admissions checklist items, students will receive their “Onboarding Letter” by email within 3-5 business days containing their ID Number, directions for account setup, and registration information. After 5 business days, if you have not received the email, please check your SPAM folder. If the email is not in your SPAM folder, we ask that you contact Enrollment Services-Admissions for assistance. Thank you!

A letter will be sent to your indicated Mailing Address giving you your registration PIN once Enrollment Services receives your tuition deposit. Once you have access to the portal, you will be able to register. If you are in a block scheduled program (one where you take a fixed set up courses per semester), you do not have to register for your courses. You will be automatically registered by Enrollment Management.

You can look on your Requirements for Graduation to determine which courses to select. This is the document that you signed when you were accepted into the program which is also available online in our Course Catalog or contact your Program Director /advisor for guidance.

You must go to the SHP website and download the Admission Deferment Request form and submit to Enrollment Management. Enrollment Management will then contact your Program Director for approval. If the deferment is approved, you will receive another acceptance letter for the appropriate term. Students can only defer for 1 year from the term they were accepted to.

You will have to submit another application and application fee. The same documents (i.e. official transcripts from previous institutions, test scores, letters of recommendation, resume, etc.) can be used from the previous application. If you attended school in the meantime, updated transcripts will have to be submitted. If you are accepted, you will receive another acceptance packet and will have to complete another criminal background check.

  • To obtain an ID card please access the following link: You can use that online portal to easily submit the photo you would like included on your ID Card. All new students must be registered for classes to be eligible for an ID Card. ONLINE LEARNERS ONLY: After uploading your photo, please provide your email confirmation via  Once received, Enrollment Management will send your ID card. All other students have the option to go to any ID card office location to obtain an ID card.
  • ONLINE LEARNERS ONLY: After uploading your photo, please provide your email confirmation via  Once received, Enrollment Management will send your ID card. All other students have the option to go to any ID card office location to obtain an ID card.

You may contact Parking Services at (973) 972-5489 for information on Parking.

Yes, interested students are encouraged to enroll as non-matriculated students at SHP when: * You have missed the program admissions deadline for the upcoming term and your advisor  recommends that you enroll in the current semester. * You would like to sample our health professional classes to determine if you are ready for an SHP degree program. * You would like to start working toward one of the SHP credit-bearing Certificate programs. Note: All applications for non-matriculated enrollment are subject to departmental approval. Ready to Register?  A Step-by-Step overview of the process is on the Center for Continued and Advanced Education (CACE) website and a Non-matriculated Registration form is online during open enrollment periods. 
You are limited to a total of twelve (12) credits as a Non-Matriculated student. Certificate and degree seekers should apply for admission to the desired program before reaching this maximum. Under exceptional circumstances,  the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs can be consulted about approval for additional non-matriculated coursework over 12 credits.