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M.S. in Health Information Management

Our Master’s Degree Puts Health Care Professionals in the Forefront of Health Information Management and Administration

The wide implementation of electronic health records, growth of health care big data, implementation of advanced information technology systems, and a changing health care regulatory environment, demand health information professionals with a higher level of skills set. These HIM professionals are not only capable of managing people and health information during times of disruptive forces, they are also innovative and find opportunities to thrive by capitalizing on use of health data analytics and rational decision-making.

Our Master of Science in Health Information Management is designed for professionals with educational backgrounds in health information management, nursing, biostatics, genomics or overall health sciences, as well as any other equivalent fields of study.

Our program will prepare you to be at the forefront of health information management and healthcare administration. A compact, 36-credit curriculum provides ample opportunities to enhance your skills in data analytics, information governance, informatics, health care databases, standard nomenclatures, health care finance, health care quality, and management. In addition, the program offers an opportunity to deepen your knowledge in clinical decision support, SAS, or Python programming, courses that are offered in conjunction with our health informatics program.

Graduates with an M.S. in Health Information Management can expect to advance their managerial and technical skills to meet the demands of the constant change within the healthcare industry. Throughout the program, they will obtain a higher understanding of concepts in leadership and management, health care finance and revenue cycle management, information governance, and applications and uses of health informatics in the health care sector.

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Fast facts about our MSHIM program:

  • The MSHIM program prepares graduates for advanced careers intersecting medicine, business, data analytics, and information technology, as well as teaching for undergraduate HIM programs
  • It is offered 100% online, full-time and part-time
  • It allows for some customization with one elective and a capstone course in order to best complement varied backgrounds and interests
  • The curriculum follows the graduate degree curriculum competencies set forth by the American Health Information Management Association and will follow the accreditation process with the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management programs.
  • A wealth of faculty with expertise in health information management and health informatics research and development provide support and mentoring
  • An individual desiring to pursue the RHIA credential may do so upon satisfying additional course requirements
  • The most recent student data from the 2017-18 academic year indicates many program successes including: “Rutgers is the #1 college nationally for the study of health professions in 2018” according to College Factual.

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Apply by March 1 for Fall admission. 

Apply by November 1 for Spring admission. 

Applications for the Master of Science in Health Information Management require:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution in the U.S., or its equivalent, with a major in health information management, any field of health sciences, nursing, biostatistics, genomics, or an equivalent field of study.
  • A minimum cumulative undergraduate grade-point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Successful completion of undergraduate courses in management, disease processes, and statistics. Applicants who do not show evidence in academic transcripts may be required to take appropriate undergraduate equivalent courses.
  • Completed application form, with application fee
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts of previous collegiate work or last-earned degrees. International students must provide WES evaluation of their foreign degrees.
  • Personal statement describing interest and commitment to the program
  • CV or resume
  • Interview (call, virtual, or in-person meeting)
  • No GRE is required

The curriculum for the Master of Science in Health Information Management requires the completion of at least 36 credits, of which 33 credits are core and at least 3 credits are electives. The curriculum has been carefully designed based on the guidelines set forth by the American Health Information Management Association, to ensure that all students graduate with core competencies (contained in the core courses) and some specialist knowledge (taught in the electives). Competencies include but are not limited to data structure, information governance, information protection, informatics, analytics, revenue and financial aspects, compliance, and leadership. Graduates of this program may pursue career growth opportunities in hospitals, other healthcare settings, and health data management related services. Graduates may also teach in health information management programs and prepare to further their education towards a doctoral degree.

Full-time students may complete the program in 18 months but will usually require two years. Part-time students may take three to five years to complete the program.

MSHIM Course Requirements and Descriptions. 

Core – 33 credits

BINF 5000 Essentials of Informatics in Healthcare 3
BINF 5005 Health Care Information Systems 3
BINF 5007 Health Care Information Privacy Security & Confidentiality 3
BINF 5115 Health Care Database Management 3
BINF 5130 Controlled Medical Terminology 3
BINF 5131 Health Care Finance System 3
BINF 5515 Information Governance 3
BINF 5520 Healthcare Analytics 3
IDST 5600 Management and Leadership 3
IDST 5650 Quality Management 3
BINF 6500 Special Topics in HIM                                                                                    3
Electives – 3 credits (Choose any of the following courses)
BINF 5311 Electronic Health Records 3
BINF 5210 Health Data Analytics with SAS 3
BINF 5325 Clinical Decision Support Systems 3
BINF 5403 Intro to Python Programming                                                                    3


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