Bonjour Hola Oh La La DPT Language Club

The Rutgers University School of Health Professions (SHP) Bonjour Hola Oh la la organization aims to empower Physical Therapy students and faculty to effectively communicate towards non-English speaking communities they serve. This club is distinctly different from other organizations as it utilizes language as the primary tool that addresses the needs of physical therapists in serving patients and society.

This helps promote professional and personal growth of Rutgers University and its students through exposure to different languages, cultures and ways of life as part of their training and development towards their future careers. Studies show that exposure to multiple languages increases intelligence, memory and concentration all of which can lead to greater academic and professional achievements. Our activities include peer to peer teaching experiences in a casual environment in which students can learn, discuss and participate in group presentations and lessons throughout the academic year.


From Left to Right:

Alpit Patel – Secretary

Melissa Merino – Vice- President

Maya Letourneau – President

Isabella Flores – Social media

Shivani Vyas – Treasurer


Right to left

Angel Torres – Social media

Mary Toth – Treasurer

Emmanuelle Arabian – President and Founder

Dora Csogor – Secretary

Kara McMahon – Vice- President

Judith E Deutsch, PT, PHD, Professor and Director for Rivers Lab, Dept of Rehab & Movement Science

The Bonjour, Hola, oh la la student organization meets regularly to discuss common words and phrases needed by therapists to communicate with patients. See some examples below.

Introduction – Good morning. How are you? What’s your name?

¿Buenos días, como estas? ¿Cómo te llamas?

Tell me what happened? What brings you to PT?

¿Dígame que le pasó? ¿Qué le trae a la terapia?

Ok. When did the pain start?

Está bien. ¿Cuándo comenzó a tener dolor?

Where is the pain?

¿Dónde tienes dolor?

Describe your pain. Sharp, burning, deep?

Describa su dolor

Sharp – agudo

Burning- ardiente

Deep – Profundo

Coming in September