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Student Life

Student Affairs at Rutgers School of Health Professions encourage students to take advantage of opportunities offered to learn, lead, and serve. By being an involved student, you add value to your personal and professional development.

Some ways to be involved at Rutgers SHP include:

  •  Becoming an active member of our Student Government Association
  • Joining or starting your own organization or club
  •  Attending student success workshops and gain critical organization and assessment skills

Hands-on learning and exposure to different professions does not only happen in the classroom. Our students volunteer in the community, while learning in a safe, motivating environment.

They have:

  • Volunteered at the NJ Special Olympics
  • Hosted informational tables at Rutgers Day
  • Engaged in other volunteer and social justice initiatives across the state
  • Joined professional associations and presented at regional and national meetings

Rutgers School of Health Professions Student Government Association (SGA) offers students the opportunity to make the most of their college or graduate experience by representing the student body as an advocate and a leader.

Students involved with the SGA will learn important management, communication, and interpersonal skills. Board members will collaborate as a team, providing a forum for School of Health Professions students’ interests and concerns.  The SGA is expected to work closely with Student Affairs to address student needs, and help plan important school-wide events.

The SGA provides a path for involved students in initiatives that will enhance interdisciplinary experiences among students, and further the school’s mission. Students will have the opportunity to plan community service activities, and participate in trainings to develop leadership and interpersonal communication skills.

Student body = all matriculated students enrolled at the School of Health Professions
Student Government Association (SGA) = Governmental organization to represent the student body. The SGA includes the Executive Board, one representative from each student organization, and at-large representatives.

Qualifications to serve in the SGA as an Executive Board member or At-Large Representative
1. Registered SHP matriculated student in at least their 2nd semester (6 minimum credits); maintaining good academic standing.
2. No student code of conduct reported infractions.
3. Recommendation from an SHP administrator or faculty member

Executive Board (Student Government Officers) officers are elected by a majority vote. All officers must provide service to the college to enhance the life and activities of SHP students. All officers must inform Student Affairs of changes in status of qualifications to stay in office. All officers must participate in student leadership training or other professional development activities provided.

The SGA executive board includes the following:
• President
• Vice President
• Treasurer
• Secretary

Student Government Officer Position Descriptions

President Duties:
1. Plans/presides all SGA meetings, and suggests policies
2. Chairs all meetings, follows the Robert’s Rules of Order (
3. Appoints all standing/special committees and will be an ex-officio member of all of them, ensures there is representation on all committees
4. Represents student body at all college ceremonies/events
5. Votes only in case of a tie
6. Available via email to assist with SGA matters

Vice President Duties:
1. Attends all SGA and executive board meetings
2. Coordinates all committees approved or appointed by the President
3. Acts as Sergeant-at-Arms at all meetings of the SGA
4. Must be knowledgeable of regulations, guidelines, by-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order
5. Assumes the powers and duties of the President in his/her absence

Treasurer Duties:
1. Attends all SGA meetings and executive board meetings
2. Keeps an itemized account of ledger receipts and expenditures of the SGA, make available a written report at meetings as needed. Will provide a final report due at the end of each academic year.
3. Examines all SGA bills for proof of validity of payment
4. Maintains financial records at all times

Secretary Duties:
1. Attends all SGA meetings and executive board meetings
2. Keeps a permanent record of all meetings of the SGA or designate someone to do so on their behalf
3. Ensures the availability of the records at all times
4. Will carry on the correspondence pertaining to affairs of the SGA as designated by the president
5. Relays content to Student Affairs for SGA website and communications

Organization Representatives
Each authorized and active student organization must select one member to represent that organization at the SGA meetings as an officer of the organization, and liaison between the SGA and the organization. This person will attend SGA meetings and present reports to the SGA from their organization as requested.

Student Government-At-Large Representatives Students who are not executive officers, and not serving as an SGA student organization representative, who desire to serve on the SGA may serve as representatives-at-large, upon the approval of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and the majority vote of the elected SGA members.

Ready to get involved? Apply now to be a member of SGA!

A unique opportunity is currently available to SHP students. Now is the time to create clubs, organizations and societies that will enhance the Rutgers SHP experience. To do this, become a Student Government Association At-Large Representative. Complete the following application to nominate yourself!  Visit the links below to get started.

The SGA nomination period and election for all executive board positions is going on now!

To nominate yourself you must meet the SGA requirements (outlined in members descriptions), complete a nomination form, and have an SHP administrator or faculty member complete a recommendation form on your behalf. All nomination forms go directly to the SHP Office of Student Affairs for review.

2018-2019 SGA President
Mercedes Aguirre
Doctor of Physical Therapy (Newark)
Mercedes Aguirre
2018-2019 SGA Vice President
Jamie Bailey
Doctor of Physical Therapy (Blackwood)Bailey Jamie's photo
2018-2019 SGA Secretary
Titilope Bamigbola
Healthcare Informatics
Titilope Bamigbola
2018-2019 Treasurer
Elizabeth Colonna
Doctor of Physical Therapy (Newark)
Elizabeth Colonna, SGA treasurer
2018-2019 SGA Social Media Chair
David Lin
Doctor of Physical Therapy (Blackwood)
David Lin
2018-2019 SGA Fundraising Chair
Marc DeLellis
Doctor of Physical Therapy (Blackwood)Marc DeLellis's photo

If you would like to create your own student organization, then please review the SHP-Rutgers New Student Organization Guide.

After reviewing the guide, you may begin the New Student Organization Application.

Student Organization Event Management

  • Student Org Upcoming Event Form – All official SHP student organizations must complete this form when planning an event. By completing this form, you will assist our office with coordinating events among our various student organizations. This helps with planning and ultimately the success of your event and with getting other students involved.
  • Student Org Completed Event Form – All official SHP student organizations must complete this form after completing an event. This form is important for Student Affairs to track your events and involvement.

Student Organization Budget Requests

  • Student Org Budget Request Form – All official SHP student organizations must complete this form when utilizing the expense they would like to use their student organization credit for. This form assists us with expediting your request and tracking the amount of credits you use.

If you have any questions about Student Organizations or if you would like to get involved with the SHP Student Government Association, please contact them at

Please visit our Student Organization page often! We will be adding information about our current Student Organizations as soon as applications are completed!

SHP Student Organizations Directory

Summaries and contact information student organizations will be posted as organizations are approved.

End of Year Report – Every official student organization must submit an End of Year Report to the Office of Student Affairs by June 25th each year. This report must include information on the student organization’s succession plan for the executive board, roster, events, financial transactions, and accomplishments for the year. For assistance with your End of Year Report and to acquire the End of Year Report Template, please contact Michael Canzano at

Student Organization Yearly Survey – All student organization members must complete the Student Organization yearly survey.  The survey should be completed towards the end of the academic year.

Organization Email:
Advisor: Jennifer Bridenbaugh, Assistant Professor Clinical Nutrition

The Rutgers University School of Health Professions (SHP) Department of Clinical and Preventive Nutrition Sciences (DCPNS), Student Dietetic Association (SDA) aims to bring together DCPNS students from entry to advanced practice.Our goals are to provide opportunities for members to network across DCPNS programs, provide opportunities for professional development and promote healthful diet and nutrition messaging to our community at Rutgers, in NJ, nationally and around the globe.

Organization Contact: SGA President Mercedes Aguirre –
Advisor: Michael Canzano, MA, Office of Student Affairs

The Rutgers School of Health Professions Student Government Association (Rutgers SHP SGA) was created in 2017 with the objective of meeting students’ professional, social, and academic wants, needs, and concerns. We intend to improve student life by assisting and overseeing the development of student interest organizations, which can be of academic, social, athletic, cultural, or community service nature. Our goals include, but are not limited to creating student leaders, creating a united community for both our online and on-campus students, and assist in enhancing the student experience while enrolled in our academic programs.

Organization Contact: SPTA President Kristen Ramos
Advisor: Dennise Krencicki, PT, DPT MA, Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Education for DPT South

The Student Physical Therapy Association (SPTA) is an organization dedicated to community service, advocating health and wellness, and promotion of the Physical Therapy profession. Members of this organization play a large role in community activism, attending a wide variety of community service events such as Bike MS, Life Rolls On, the New Jersey Special Olympics, and many more. Other activities of the SPTA include fundraising events, and intramural sports.

Organization Contact: RUPASS President Jasmine Flowers
Advisor: Frank R. Giannelli, MS, PA-C, Lecturer, Physician Assistant Program

The mission of RUPASS is to foster the personal and professional development of physician assistant students in the state of New Jersey, encourage educational excellence, and to advocate for students and professional issues. RUPASS is organized and shall be operated exclusively for education and scientific purposes which are beneficial to medical care. To represent physician assistant students so as to maximize the benefit of their services to the public as medical professionals.

Organization Contact: Emmanuelle Arabian –
Advisor: Judith E Deutsch, PT, PHD, Professor and Director for Rivers Lab, Dept of Rehab & Movement Science

The goal of our organization is to empower healthcare professionals to effectively communicate towards non-English speaking communities they serve. This club is distinctly different from other organizations as it utilizes language as the primary tool that addresses the needs of healthcare professionals in serving patients and society. This helps promote professional and personal growth of Rutgers University and its students through exposure to different languages, cultures and ways of life as part of their training and development towards their future careers. Studies show that exposure to multiple languages increase intelligence, memory and concentration all of which can lead to greater academic and professional achievements. Our activities include peer to peer teaching experiences in a casual environment in which students can learn and discuss and participate in group presentations and classes throughout the academic year.

Organization Contact: Mercedes Aguirre –
Advisor: Anita Van Wingerden, PT, DPT, Assistant Professor & Director of Recruitment & Alumni Affairs

Evidence shows that exercise can decrease stress and improve overall health, all of which can lead to greater academic achievements. Therefore, this group intends on promoting physical, mental, and emotional health by participating in group yoga stretches and pilates throughout each busy school day. Moreover, this group encourages people to find the time to take care of themselves and utilize the breaks between classes. This organization also provides a casual environment which students can debate and discuss research in the field of their profession. This will not only lead to an improvement to physcial health, but a development of interprofessionalism.

Organization Contact: Jasmine Rider
Advisor: Ruth Perez, Clinical Coordinator, Lecturer for Medical Laboratory Sciences

The purpose of this organization is to educate prospective college students (High School students) as well as students who are attending a 4-year college or university on the exciting career path of Medical Laboratory Sciences. This organization will also allow current MLS students to be involved in a professional organization and encourage involvement in the Medical Laboratory Sciences community.

Organization Contact: Alexander Olan –
Advisor: Dr. Kirsch, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA, Professor & Program Director

The purpose of the organization is to provide a structured student-run organization for each Rutgers (SHP) Doctor of Physical Therapy North class that will serve as a representing body for each respective class. Each class council will serve as the primary liaison between students and faculty and will be responsible for relaying and communicating class matters, events, and scheduling to ultimately augment and enrich the student and faculty experience throughout the program. Please visit the Rutgers DPTNCC webpage for more information.

Are you an SHP Student/Student Group looking to hold a student fundraiser? If so, please complete our online “Fundraising Event Request” form. The completed form will be sent to the Office of Student Affairs who will be in contact with you regarding your event. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs with any questions @

Apply to hold a fundraiser.

Student Fundraisers

Get involved and make difference by supporting student organization funding events.

Please check back for fundraising events. 

A reminder of the general HIPAA guidelines when communicating with the public during fundraisers – Click here to view the guidelines.

Chase Stopyra
SHP Student Representative to Rutgers University SenateChase Stopyra, the student representative to RU Senate

Meet Chase Stopyra, the Rutgers SHP student representative to the Rutgers University Senate, an advisory body to President Barchi.

  • Second-year student in the DPT-South program 
  • Sought the position so he can provide a voice within Rutgers for fellow students and classmates
  • Wants to know what student are thinking, so email him at
  • Named Pitcher of the Year in his conference while playing baseball at Gettysburg College
  • Worked as a student athletic trainer while in college to gain experience in rehabilitation