Students should consult with their Program Director/Advisor to discuss course selection for upcoming terms before priority registration begins.

Some programs at SHP are considered “Block Registered” meaning your courses are mapped out for you from your first semester of enrollment to your last. If you are in one of these programs, you will be automatically registered for your courses by Enrollment Management. If you are not sure if your program is Block Registration, please contact Enrollment Management at 973 972-5454 or your Program Director/Advisor.

Students will receive their web registration PIN via their Rutgers e-mail account approximately one week before the start of Priority Registration. Program Directors will also receive a listing on web registration PINs for students in their programs. Students matriculating in Clinical Nutrition programs, MS Clinical Laboratory Science and Doctorate in Clinical Laboratory Science programs will receive their PIN directly from their academic advisor or the Program Director.

New students will either have their PINs emailed to them upon completing their Admissions requirements or will receive an email stating students should contact their Program for their Registration PIN (specific email will be based on the student’s program).

Traditional Registering Students are required to register online through the portal.

Matriculated students may also submit a Course Registration Form to Enrollment Management. Students submitting this form are charged a $50 registration processing fee. Registration form should be submitted to Enrollment Management no later than the end of the regular registration period to avoid assessment of a late fee.

Banner Self-Service, accessed through, allows you to register online, drop and add courses online, view the most recent course catalog and your course schedule, check your grades, financial aid status as well as your account balance.

* If you have not received your Registration PIN by the opening of Priority Registration, please contact Enrollment Management at 973 972-5454 or your Program Director/Academic Advisor.

Banner Self-Service, accessed through, is a web tool to manage tasks and information that are critical to your success as a Rutgers student. Through Banner Self-Service, you can access the following:

  • Class Schedule
  • Grades
  • Registration
  • Current Balance
  • Financial Aid Status

Joint Program Registration Procedures

Programs with Thomas Edison State University

When taking a course with TESU, students in a program should submit a newly revised SHP matriculated student registration form by mail or fax to Enrollment Management. SHP will register and bill Joint Program students for courses at both TESU and Rutgers. TESU courses are often specified by a section code that would include OL (On-Line) or GS (Guided Study), so it is important for students to indicate which section they would prefer to be enrolled in. TESU courses also have very specific start and end dates so this is important to indicate as well on the registration form (please see the TESU registration table below). Students in this program should first direct their questions to their Program Director. In addition to registration, TESU students are also billed by SHP, receive their transcripts and their diploma from SHP. Students that have specific questions about TESU courses (i.e. start and end dates) should contact the TESU Office of the Registrar at 609 984-1180. If you should receive a bill from Thomas Edison State University in error (i.e. registering directly through TESU), please notify Enrollment Management as soon as possible.

Students may continue to submit course registration requests for TESU courses through the Rutgers Course Registration Form. Students will not be charged a $50 Registration Processing Fee when submitting requests for TESU courses but all Rutgers courses must be registered online through the My.Rutgers portal. Students should use the portal to verify that they have been registered for a TESU course by reviewing their course selection within their individual online student account.

Students in the program are eligible to enroll in a Thomas Edison State College Examination Program (TECEP), which may be applied to their program requirements. The cost of the TECEP Examination is the current SHP Tuition rate, absent of fees.

For further information about TECEP, please click here.  Students seeking to register for a TECEP must complete and submit a Registration Form to Rutgers- SHP and include the TECEP Registration Form. Under the “Test Information” area of the TECEP Registration Form, please indicate that you are matriculating in the joint degree program between Rutgers and TESC.

Students must be cleared of all degree requirements by both Thomas Edison State College and School of Health Professions. Prospective applicants for graduation must submit an application to both institutions. Students not applying at both institutions will not be eligible for graduation. Please click here to view TESU Application for Graduation Form. Please see the chart below to: * Review dates for submitting applications for graduation * Graduation date on the diploma.

TESU deadline to submit application for graduation TESU Graduation Rutgers SHP Graduation Rutgers-TESU Diploma Date
October 1st December January December
January 1st March May March
April 1st June May June
July 1st September August September

Students pay tuition to Rutgers- SHP and shall receive their final grades, transcripts and their diploma from SHP.  Students who have entered into the joint program since January 2005 will be required to complete a 12-credit residency with TESU.

Students should contact MBS Direct at 800 325-3252 or visit their web site at to identify which textbooks are required for their respective TESU course and to purchase books through their online site. Students will need to supply their course code (i.e. ACC 101 for Principles of Financial Accounting) and the appropriate term and MBS will then advise the student which books are required or recommended for the listed course.

A student may withdraw from a course prior to completion of three-quarters of the course (the end of the 12th week of class in a sixteen-week semester) or for short term courses; refunds will only be granted if written withdrawal occurs prior to the start of the course.

Students who officially withdraw from a course will be granted refunds, excluding fees, effective on the official withdrawal schedule:

Date Of Official Withdrawal Refund 

Non-attendance or notification to the instructor/program director does not constitute formal withdrawal.

Students wishing to officially withdraw form a course or courses should submit a Program Withdrawal and Course Withdrawal form. The official date of withdrawal is the date on which the completed form is filed-not the date of last attendance.

** This form will be forwarded to your Program for approval, once approved and returned to Enrollment Management, the withdrawal will be processed and refund granted if applicable*

Please note if you will be withdrawing from all of your courses (reducing to zero credits),you will also need to indicate a status: Leave of Absence or Official Withdrawal from the School.