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SHP General Education Requirements for Solo Degrees

The School of Health Professions believes that there are essential areas of study that all of our Undergraduate students should experience before matriculating into the school.  A sound foundation in the humanities, writing, information technology, and the sciences is needed to successfully navigate our professional curriculum.  Students contemplating applying to SHP for acceptance into one of our solo bachelor degrees must complete a minimum of 41 general education credits prior to the professional phase of the study.  Students may choose from a variety of courses within each of the categories below to satisfy the required credits for that area of study.   Being able to think critically, explore areas of inquiry, and understand the relationships between varied areas of study as applied to professional studies is necessary for successful future practice in the health professions.

Major Category

Writing and Communication

Comparative Literature Media Studies
Classics Speech/Public Speaking
Communication Technical Writing
Discipline-Based Writing & Communication Medical Terminology
Expository Writing: REQUIRED Writing Grant Proposals

Total 9 Credits


Quantitative and Formal Reasoning

Algebra Financial Accounting/Financial Decision Making
Business Logic
Calculus Pre-Calculus
Computer Science Research Methods
Data – Information Technology Statistics
Economics Technology

Total 6 Credits


Arts & Humanities

Art History Music
Languages Religion
Literature Theatre
Media Studies

Total 6 Credits


Natural Sciences

Anatomy & Phys 1 & 2 Human Physiology
Animal Science Immunology
Biochemistry Microbiology
Biology 1 & 2 Nutritional Sciences
Cell Biology Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 1 & 2 w/lab Pathophysiology
Environmental Sciences Physics
Geological Sciences

Total 8-12 Credits*


Social Sciences and Historical Diversity

Anthropology Psychology
African/Asian/Jewish etc. Studies Gender Studies
Civilization History
Cultural Diversity Labor Studies
Ethics Leadership
Sociology Philosophy
Public Health Religion

Total 6 Credits


History, Literature, & Contemporary Issues

Anthropology Globalization/Global Awareness
Climate Change Health Administration
Cultural Studies History (US, Europe, World, 21st Century, Religious)
Environmental Policies Law
Evolutionary Medicine Literature
Family Communication Politics
Gender Studies Public Policy
Genetics Religious Perspectives

Total 6 Credits

Total Minimum = 41 credits

*Varies by program

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