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About the Institute for Nutrition Interventions


INIRutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences spans five campuses in New Jersey including the School of Health Professions (SHP), the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM), the School of Nursing (SN), College of Nursing,  the School of Public Health (SPH), two medical schools (New Jersey Medical School;NJMS and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; RWJMS), Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy (EMSOP), and the Graduate School of Biological Sciences (GSBS). Nutrition is a topic of increasing activity across Rutgers in respect to teaching, research, practice and service across the University. The SHP has taken a leadership role in the development of the Institute for Nutrition Interventions (INI).

Academically the dietetics faculty members of the Institute have a leadership role in nutrition with five programs addressing entry to advanced practice. In addition to the Dietetic Internship, MS in Clinical Nutrition program and PhD in Health Sciences Nutrition track, our coordinated program in dietetics for Dietetic Technicians Registered to advance to RDs and the Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition are unique and innovative approaches to entry and advanced practice respectively. These two programs are the only two of their kind in the U.S. and have received recognition for their innovative approaches to advancing dietetic practice. Continuing professional education programs for all disciplines continues to be a goal of INI.

As we prepare our students for the 21st century health care workforce, we must address the interprofessional nature of health care practice with a focus on comprehensive care. Strong research protocols, teaching programs and clinical initiatives concerning nutrition must be developed. While the science and practices of nutrition have been around for centuries, the global obesity epidemic (1, 2) combined with an increased recognition of the role of diet and nutrition in health promotion, disease prevention and management has resulted in growth in nutrition initiatives within and outside of Rutgers. The Institute for Nutrition Interventions at Rutgers is a viable and reliable source of information for both consumers and health professionals. There are many opportunities for an interprofessional Institute such as INI. Opportunities exist for scholarly activities, educational endeavors and community and image promotion activities. New Jersey is home to many pharmaceutical and food industries. Existing relationships with two of these industries provide opportunities that need time to be nurtured and developed.

The strength of the Institute is representative of the contributions and core strengths of its members. The Institute for Nutrition Intervention will strive to include an interprofessional team of members aimed at developing programs within and across disciplines. Internal collaboration of members will increase opportunities for stronger external competition in research. The mission and goals delineate the primary aims of the Institute. Nutrition is in many ways a nascent science; as genomics and other new realms move from the laboratory to the clinical area, INI is strategically positioned to house the related research, education and service projects to create the link between the basic and clinical sciences of nutrition and diet. The Institute for Nutrition Intervention seeks members dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the education, practice and research of nutrition and dietetics.



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