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FAQ Mentor Program

Please see below some helpful questions and answers regarding the SHP Alumni/Student Mentor Program.

Mentee FAQ's


Question    How can I find out if there is a Mentor available for the program I am currently in?

Answer         With the Mentor Program being launched in July of 2013, our initial group will consist of 15 Mentors from various SHP programs. Our goal is to have a Mentor for all of our programs by the end of the 2013 calendar year. Please click on the following link to navigate to our "Find a Mentor" area of our website.


Question   Will my Mentor have graduated from the program I am currently in?

Answer      Yes, the Mentors that you are being matched with will have completed your academic program.


Question    What if the program I am currently in does not yet have a Mentor available?

Answer    If you are a student in a program that currently does not have a Mentor setup in the program as of yet, please email and indicate that you are interested in the program and would like to see if a Mentor could be added for your specific program.


Question  What type of assistance could I expect from my Mentor?

Answer   The Mentor you will be joined with will be available to you for advice and moral suport utilizing the experience that they themselves have gone through as they completed the program you are currently in.


Question  Will my Mentor be able to assist me academically?

Answer      The role of the Mentor is not to assist with the specifics of your current academic coursework but to encourage and shed light on the experiences that they have had and what they found successful as they moved through the program.


Question  How will I communicate with my Mentor?

Answer    Once you have signed up in the system and have been matched with a mentor, you will be able to communicate on-line through email, an on-line instant messaging area, video chats as well as the ability to share documents and videos through the on-line mentoring portal.





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