We Stand in Solidarity

Dear SHP Community,

I am deeply disturbed and upset, as I know all of you are, about the horrifying and senseless death of George Floyd. I have cried many times over the course of this last week, tears of sorrow and anger. Grieving is justified and appropriate, but we have to do so much more. As a nation, as a people, we have to openly recognize the systemic racism and inequality that exists in our communities, and we have to actively work together to address it.

Crying is not enough. I am inspired by the national and global response of millions of people of all ages and races who have gathered in protest over the last week. This gives us hope, but we cannot let the activities of this past week be all we do. As a school, we certainly have our part to play. We are a community that is racially and ethnically diverse.  We celebrate our diversity. It enriches us. We must capture that power of our community’s shared experiences to drive change and we must actively listen to each other, especially those in our community who are impacted by systemic racism in their daily lives.

We stand together with students, faculty, staff and those we serve in the struggle against racism and inequality. We cannot simply stand by in muted disapproval. We must raise our voices and we must loudly and consistently speak out when we witness implicit or explicit acts of racism. Only when we find the strength to challenge our friends, our families, our co-workers, or ourselves can we become true agents of change.

For those who are overwhelmed by sadness, fear or anxiety, we are here. Resources include assistance for students and employees at 800-327-3678, or call center at 800-969-5300.

In solidarity,

Dean Gwendolyn Mahon