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Laura D. Byham-Gray, PhD, RDN, FNKF

  • Protein-Energy Wasting: Dr. Byham-Gray studies how PEW is related to energy expenditure and studies the impact dialysis can have on the energy balance in patients with CKD. As current understandings of the metabolic demands theorized within this unique population are limited, studying this arena and developing an equation will help formulate more personalized prescriptions related to one of the main contributors for PEW like EE and ultimately have a positive impact on patient outcomes.
  • PEW from Patient’s Perspective: Dr. Byham-Gray is studying PEW not only in terms of contributors but also from the patient’s perspective. What do they see as really putting them at risk or what has kept them from developing PEW? Taking a very patient-centered approach, Dr. Byham-Gray hopes to empower her patients to make changes in their management.
  • Nutrition Therapy: In order to help CKD patients maintain a nutritional balance, Dr. Byham-Gray conducts studies in nutrition therapy to look at effective interventions that may help prevent PEW or other types of sequelae that occur secondary to the disease, e.g. bone and mineral disorders.

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Name: Laura D. Byham-Gray, PhD, RDN, FNKF

Title: Professor & Vice Chair of Research


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Name:  Emily Peters, MPH

Title:  Study Coordinator


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