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Ph.D. Psych Rehab program director Ann Murphy

Ann Murphy, Ph.D., CPRP

Mental Health Interventions: The overall goal of my research is to support individuals with mental illnesses to live fulfilling and complete lives in the communities of their choosing. To this end my research interests focus on identifying effective interventions to help individuals achieve their personal goals. To date my research has focused on employment of individuals with mental illnesses, co-morbid health concerns and interventions, the effectiveness of anti-stigma campaigns, and the role of peer providers in the mental health system. Additionally, I am beginning research in the area of implementation science and evaluating effective methods and strategies to promote the uptake of empirically supported interventions within practice.


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Books, Monographs, and Chapters

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  • HERS Institute, Higher Education Leadership Development for Women, 2019
  • Rutgers, OASIS Leadership and Professional Development Program, 2018

Faculty Gonfalonier Honoree
Rutgers, School of Health Professions
May, 2019

Outstanding Academic Performance Award
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
School of Health Related Professions
Ph.D. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, 2013

Susquehanna University Departmental Honors
Department of Psychology
B.A. Program, 1998

Susquehanna University Department Award
Department of Philosophy
B.A. Program, 1998

Summa Cum Laude, Susquehanna University
B.A. Program, 1998

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