SHP  Faculty and Staff Recognized 

Each year, Rutgers School of Health Professions honors faculty and staff for their years of service to our school and leadership, and chooses an Employee of the year. This year, we recognized 29 employees for length of service. Dean Gwendolyn Mahon announced that the Employee of the Year: Sharon Canavesio. And four faculty members received certificates for completing the OASIS leadership and professional development program. Congratulations to each one!

2019 Employee of the Year
Sharon Canavesio,
facilities coordinator

OASIS Scholarship Recipients
Sarah Patel
Alyssa Carbajal
Jennifer Bridenbaugh
Kathleen Kirk

35 years
Alma Merians, PT
Prof. Alma Merians and Dean Gwen Mahan pose with an award

30 years
Marie Nardone, PT
Nancy Kirsch, PT

25 years
Stanley Ort, Imaging Sciences
Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia, IDST
Frederick Coffman, Bio Informatics
Patricia Fay, PT

20  years
Susan Pitzel, PT
David Kietrys, PT
Peter Basto, Psych Rehab and Counseling
Janice Oursler, Psych Rehab and Counseling
Nancy Mingelgreen, PT

15 years
Yvonne Rolley, Bio Informatics
Kathleen Mairella, PT
Annette Backs,  Psych Rehab & Counseling
Carl Milak, Dean’s Office
Sharon Hill-Williams Dean’s Office
Ni Gao, Psych Rehab & Counseling
Ann Murphy, Psych Rehab & Counseling
Lisa Hunt, Dean’s Office
Michelle Zechner,  Psych Rehab & Counseling
Kenneth Kinter, Psych Rehab & Counseling
Robert Denmark, IDST
Sandie Pitts, Enrollment Management

10 years
James Scott James, IDST
Min Huang  IT
Adrienne Simonds,  PT
Jennifer George  Psych Rehab & Counseling Jennifer Tomesko, Nutrition