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Course Work Required Prior to Admission
(For Master's Program Only)
( Not for BA/MS "3+3" Applicants)

(For BA/MS, please see the requirements for each affiliated institution)

Please note: The applicant should have completed the prerequisite
courses with a grade of "C" or better.

If prerequisite courses were completed with a grade of "C" or better, applicant is not required to retake courses. If applicant has not taken any coursework within the previous 10 years, it is recommended that the applicant consider taking refresher courses, specifically in the biological sciences.

For a list of acceptable courses which will satisfy the Prerequisite courses, please click here.

General Psychology 3 credits
English Composition 3 credits
Statistics (Preferably Applied Statistics or Biostatistics from the Psychology, Biology or Math Depts.) 3-4 credit(s)
General Chemistry (with Lab) 8 credits
Organic Chemistry I 3-4 credit(s)
Biological Sciences (with Lab) 8 credits


Outstanding prerequisite courses may be completed at any community college or
four year university.  In order to be considered for the upcoming class, all prerequisite
courses should be completed by the end of the Spring term semester prior to the start of class.

The following courses may be completed by taking a CLEP exam. For more information, please visit


English Composition
College Composition
(College Composition Modular is not acceptable)
50 or higher / 6 hours
General Chemistry I & II
(lectures only)
(appliicant is required to complete 2 lab components)
50 or higher / 6 hours
General Biology I & II (lectures only)
(applicant is required to complete 2 lab components)
50 or higher / 6 hours
General Psychology 50 or higher / 3 hours



The following courses may be completed by taking a distance learning course sponsored by the University of New England. For more information, please see

• General Chemistry I and II • General Biology I and II • Organic Chemistry I • Statistics

Highly Recommended Courses:

• Anatomy & Physiology • Anatomy • Physiology • Microbiology • Biochemistry
• Immunology • Genetics • Cell Biology • Neuroanatomy
Upper-Level Biology Courses


International Students
Applicants who received their degrees outside the USA are required to take the TOEFL exam, unless a Bachelor's degree or higher has been awarded in the U.S. Please note: If applicant has an Associate's degree in the U.S., TOEFL scores are required. We require a minimum TOEFL score of 115 (iBT) or 650 (PB). Applications will not be considered if the TOEFL score is below the Program’s required score. An applicant may upload to CASPA a copy of their TOEFL score; however, an application is considered incomplete and will not be reviewed until the Program has received the official TOEFL documentation. The official documentation must be received by CASPA no later than September 1st in order to be considered for the current admissions cycle. The TOEFL Designated Institution Code is 3709.






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