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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit GRE or SAT scores?
The PA program does not require GRE or SAT scores if you are applying to the program with a Bachelor’s degree. However, if you are applying to our MS/MPH option, GRE scores must be submitted with your MPH application to the Rutgers University School of Public Health. If you are a 3+3 student and have taken the SAT, you are required to submit the scores with your application.

What financial aid is available?
Questions regarding financial aid can be directed to the Financial Aid Office. They can be reached at (732) 235-4689. Their website is:  Please see additional information for financial aid resources on the American Academy for Physician Assistant website:

What is the number of applicants to the program each year?
The Program receives well over 1,200 applications each year for 50 spots.

How many of these applicants do you interview each year?
In general, we interview between 300 - 350 applicants per year.

What is the class size?

Why is the program 33 months in length?
It is important for our applicants to understand that the program does not spread out a typical 24-27 month PA curriculum over 33 months.  We have a very rigorous curriculum with some semesters requiring 23 credits. Our program offers extensive basic science coursework over the first year which we believe prepares our graduates well for clinical practice. Another reason for our length includes longer rotations for some specialties and vacation time during both the didactic and clinical phases.

Do you accept applications from individuals with medical degrees outside the US (Foreign Medical Graduates) and is there an accelerated curriculum for such individuals?
The program is pleased to consider such applicants who should expect to complete the entire 33 month curriculum. The application process is the same regardless of prior academic or work experience.        

Do you have mentoring or tutor programs for your students?
The program provides academic tutors and cognitive skills counselors to those students in need of them at no cost to the student.

Are classes taken with medical students?
Students participate in interprofessional education groups that include many other healthcare professional students including medical students, nursing students and other health profession students.

Do I do a thesis for this Master's degree?
Students do not complete a thesis. Students are required to prepare an evidence-based medical literature review on a topic of interest in the Applied Clinical Research course.

Is there housing available on campus?
Campus housing is available:  Additionally, a housing questionnaire is sent out by the program and information is sent back to students who can then get together to find suitable housing.

Is a car and a valid driver's license necessary?
Yes, participation is required in many off-campus activities. In addition, many of our clinical sites are not accessible by public transportation. It is therefore expected that all students have reliable personal transportation.

Can students remain employed while in the program?
Due to the demanding nature of the program, full-time students are discouraged from maintaining employment.

What are the current tuition rates and fees?

Please note: Students only pay a maximum of 18 credits/semester.

How do I apply for Advanced Placement within the Program?
In general, applicants should be prepared to complete all required coursework. However, applicants who are interested in advanced placement should provide documentation of graduate level course work and submit a letter of request to the Program Director. Applicants should be aware that for some courses a placement exam is required.

Are transfer credits considered in lieu of taking the PA courses?
Transfer credit is only awarded for students seeking advanced placement (see above). Transfer credit will only be considered for students who can document equivalent graduate level coursework from an accredited college or university and a grade of "B" or better.

What are the academic standards of the PA Program?
Once accepted into the PA Program, students must attain a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average (on a scale where 4.0 = A) in order to graduate from the Program.

What is the procedure to apply for NJ Residency?
Students who are interested in applying for resident status can find the policy and application at the following website:

Does the program offer Information Sessions or campus tours?
We schedule two Information Sessions per year. Prospective applicants are highly encouraged to attend one of these sessions. Once the date has been determined, announcements can be found on this website. Campus tours are available to applicants during the interview session.

Is there anyone I can speak with regarding my interest in the Program?
Prospective applicants are asked to thoroughly review the program website which will answer most of the commonly asked questions. However, if you would like to make an appointment to speak with the Admissions Coordinator or a member of the faculty, please contact the program.

Do you accept transfer students from other PA Programs? 
Students from other programs are welcome to apply but are required to follow the Admissions process in the same way as all other students.

Do you give preference to NJ residents?
The program is not required to take a specific number of in-state students.  While many of the applicants are New Jersey residents, we seek the most competitive applicants from throughout the United States.




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