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Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition

In 2003, SHP opened the first clinical doctorate program (DCN) in Nutrition. This web-based program focuses on advanced clinical nutrition practice assuring that RD's remain integral members of the health care team in any practice setting. This program requires completion of an advanced clinical nutrition practice residency and a research project.  The advanced clinical nutrition practice residency is an approved advanced practice residency by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).

Mission Statement - DCN

The Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through a clinically focused advanced dietetics practice doctorate program. It prepares graduates with expert-level knowledge and skills, critical thinking proficiency, and aptitude in scientific inquiry to foster the development of innovative, autonomous advanced dietetics practitioners and researchers. The program emphasizes interprofessional collaboration through coursework and a student focused clinical residency. The curriculum integrates evidence-based practice in nutrition and dietetics which provides the foundation for graduates to complete a practice based research project.

Program Goals:

1. Provides an in-depth study of clinical nutrition and evidence-based practice through cutting-edge coursework and an advanced clinical nutrition practice residency to prepare graduates to assume the role of an advanced-level dietetics practitioner.

2. Prepares graduates to be able to design, conduct, and analyze clinical outcomes research in diverse settings.

3. Develops experts in evidence-based nutrition practice using clinical reasoning and scientific inquiry.

4. Fosters professional leadership, service, and scholarly efforts.

Strategic Vision of the Graduate Programs in Clinical Nutrition

The Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition (MSCN) and the Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) Programs are models for advanced-level graduate study in clinical nutrition. The programs utilize a web-based platform to educate a diverse group of RD professionals to service the state, nation and communities abroad. Graduates are prepared with critical thinking and scientific skills needed for advanced-level clinical practice, management, research, and leadership roles to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. Graduates are consumers of research and scholarship, able to design, conduct, analyze, and publish scientifically sound research and other peer reviewed papers on evidence-based dietetics practice. The program instills an appreciation for interprofessional collaboration and education, provides opportunities to achieve expanded roles in health promotion, disease prevention, and intervention for a multi-cultural society.










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