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Additional IST Services

Emergency NetIDs

OIT will provide Emergency NetIDs to employees with Social Security Numbers who need access to electronic services to perform their assigned duties and whose on-boarding process has been delayed. A departmental Human Resources representative or a hiring authority may request Emergency NetID for such cases.

For more information, go to

Guest NetIDs

Guests are individuals who are not directly affiliated with Rutgers University as staff, faculty or students. Guests include, but not limited to, visiting scholars, visiting staff, visiting faculty, contractors, vendor, volunteers, etc. Rutgers Guest Request System is an enterprise self-service tool that enables the University Guests to submit their requests to obtain a digital identity. The request will be submitted for approval to the appropriate sponsor. Once the request is approved, the departments’ guest administrators process the request and the guest is notified with instructions to obtain and activate their digital identifier called a NetID.  For more information, go to

VPN Access:

In order to register for VPN access, please visit the following site and select "Remote Access (VPN)" from the dro-down menu:

For instructions on using Remote Desktop to Connect to your office computer, please click here.

Information Protections and Security - RU Secure?

Are you aware of your computing/digital responsibilities?  You are your own best defense against identity theft, compromise and malware. The following are some suggestions for basic IT security.

  • Follow password rules. Never share your password. Choose different passwords for different sites.
  • Confidential information should not be sent via email. Email is not secure.
  • Install antivirus/antispyware software, and have it updated automatically.
  • Use only secure Wi-Fi when transmitting confidential data (credit card numbers, banking, etc.).
  • Don’t be a phishing scam victim.  Rutgers will never ask you for your password or other confidential information in email.
  • Protect your social networking with privacy settings.

For more information on these and other computing topics, visit

Single Sign-On
Users who sign on to the Rutgers Central Authentication Service (CAS) with their NetID and password will be able to move between software applications that use CAS without having to re-enter that information for each separate application. Please use single sign-on (SSO) responsibly.
Read the security guidelines at and remember to close your web browser when you complete a session that requires you to provide your NetID and password.


SHP Tech Support

IST Service Center
Moodle Support

phone: 973-972-9171
support hours: 8am to 6:30pm Monday thru Friday

phone: 732-743-3200

support hours: 7:30am to 5pm Monday thru Friday

Local Moodle Support
phone: 973-972-9171
support hours: 8am to 5pm
Monday thru Friday

Additional Moodle Support
Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies:
Teaching and Learning with Technology

phone: 973-972-8676
support hours: 9am to 7pm
Monday thru Friday



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