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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Rutgers School of Health Professions (Rutgers SHP) online program site. The dynamic changes in our society, particularly those in the worlds of health care and technology provide excellent opportunities and equally formidable challenges. At Rutgers SHP we have been working on these challenges and opportunities with an eye to converging them into opportunities for the American allied health working professional.

We recognize that teaching and learning can no longer be seat centered only.
It is obvious that you as working professionals are locality bound. We want
to bring you to us by bringing us to you! One of the marvels of technology
is that it allows us to do just that, come to you. We have designed a number
of WEB-based programs and courses which may well be of interest to you. We
will continue to develop further programs and courses which will allow you
to set your goals and to meet them in surroundings most conducive to your

I welcome you, then, to Rutgers SHP and in this new world of distance teaching and
learning. We hope you will welcome Rutgers SHP into your homes, workplaces,
libraries or local colleges.


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Rutgers School of Health Professions



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