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Developing Executive Functioning through Cognitive Remediation for College Students with Psychiatric Disabilities - This study seeks to evaluate a compensatory cognitive remediation intervention for college students with psychiatric disabilities.  This study will help to identify if cognitive remediation is an effective intervention to develop executive functioning skills of college students. For more information about this study, click here.


Principal Investigator: Michelle G. Mullen, MS, CRC, CPRP
Research Assistants:

Giovanna Giocobbe

  Jannah Jordan
  Derek Malenczak
Funding: National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)


Effectiveness of Educational Supports on Retention of Postsecondary Students with Psychiatric Disabilities - This multi-site randomized controlled study will assess the impact of Supported Education on postsecondary educational achievement, retention, graduation and employment for students’ with psychiatric disabilities.  This longitudinal study will help to identify the supports that are critical to helping students with psychiatric disabilities maintain matriculation in postsecondary environments.


Principal Investigator: Kenneth J. Gill, PhD, CPRP
Co-investigator: Michelle G. Mullen- Gonzalez, MS, CRC, CPRP
Research Assistants:

Karen Cimorelli
Giovanna Giocobbe
Ashante Guillaume-Salvant
Jannah Jordan

Funding: National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)


Peer Employment Support Study - This pilot study will examine the use of peer -provided employment supports to improve employment readiness and employment outcomes among people with psychiatric disabilities attending self-help centers in New Jersey.


Principal Investigator: Melissa M. Roberts, PhD, CPRP
Co-investigator: Francine Bates, MS, LPC, CPRP
Research Assistants: Jane Nguyen
  Miriam Perez
Funding: UMDNJ Foundation


Predicting Employment Seeking Activities and Job Acquisition among Persons with Severe Mental Illnesses:
Work-related Self-efficacy and Outcome Expectations
- This pilot study will examine the contributions of work-related self-efficacy and work-related outcome expectations to employment seeking activities and job acquisition among people with serious psychiatric illnesses.


Principal Investigator: Amy Spagnolo, PhD, CPRP
Co-investigators: Carlos W Pratt, PhD, CPRP
  Melissa M Roberts, PhD, CPRP
  Ann Murphy, MA, CPRP
Research Assistants: Juliette Saltz
  Christina Stoddard
Funding: UMDNJ Foundation


Campus Mental Health Issues Study - This online survey study is designed to assess student and faculty perceptions of the extent to which the academic community understands the needs of students and faculty with mental health problems. The study includes follow up interviews with respondents who volunteer to participate in this segment. The findings of this study will inform the development of training for all members of the UMDNJ academic community.


Principal Investigator:
Michelle Mullen-Gonzales, MS, CRC, CPRP
Karin Brockleman, PhD, CRC
Melissa M Roberts, PhD, CPRP
Academic Information Technology Advisory Committee (AcITAC), Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems (IAIMS)
  UMDNJ Foundation


The Role of Self-efficacy in Employment Tenure for Persons with Serious Mental Illness in Supported Employment - This study examines whether higher level of self-efficacy increases one's likelihood of gaining and maintaining employment for people in community supported employment.

Principal Investigator:
William Waynor, MS, CRC, CPRP
Joni Dolce, MS, CRC, CPRP
Ni Gao, PhD, LCSW
  Lori Haytas, MSW, LCSW
  Ann Reilly, MA, MSW, CPRP
Research Assistant: Christina Serrano
UMDNJ Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Counseling Professions Center for the Promotion of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness










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