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Integrated Employment Institute

Training and Technical Assistance


On-site Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)

The purpose of the TTA activities is to assist organizations to integrate an employment focus into their services and improve employment outcomes for individuals being served.  This is a multi-level project addressing attitude, knowledge, and skills across the organization.  At the start of our involvement with an organization, the Institute faculty assess the organization’s needs and then work with the organization to develop a TTA plan.

This plan articulates:

  1. The organization's employment outcome goals (including changes in organizational culture, staff and consumer attitudes, knowledge and skill, and rates of job or education acquisition),
  2. Measurable objectives,
  3. The interventions that will be provided by the Institute, and the role of the organization in achieving the goals, and
  4. A time frame. 

Baseline data on employment and education services and outcomes is acquired and included in the plan.  Regular reports are made on the status of these goals and objectives.  TTA includes on-site didactic training for service providers and for consumers served by the organization, in-vivo training, and consultation for implementation and problem solving.

The on-site didactic training begins with a training for the entire organization (staff, persons served, and administrators) on the topic “Recovery and Employment”.  This training examines the importance of employment to recovery and includes a trainer’s personal recovery narrative.  Additional didactic trainings will be provided based on the assessed needs of the organization.

In-vivo training is provided to all organizations receiving TTA. In-vivo training uses modeling, coaching, and mentoring to teach the skills of employment service provision. This approach is used in the environment in which the services are provided (i.e., agency, community, etc.).  Institute faculty will work side by side with staff until the staff person has mastered the needed skills.

Consultation is designed to assist the organization in implementation of new skills and/or services. Institute faculty work with staff to identify and resolve barriers to implementation. This is often accomplished at staff meetings and may continue for a period of time until such support is no longer needed.













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