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"As I reflect on the 11 years since I graduated...I firmly believe I was held to the highest standards throughout the didactic and clinical aspects of the Program and was given the best education possible." - Steve Cesareo - Class of '93
"I received an excellent education and training, although, it was not until I took my board certification exam and started working that I fully realized how well the Program did prepare me." - Patricia Shumack-Kaczorowski - Class of '91
The curriculum was both challenging and inspiring, and the education at the Program cannot be compared...I am constantly complimented on my skills and knowledge base as a clinician and first assist." - Cathryn Reti Pocaroba - Class of '03
"The quality of my education was above even my highest expectations." - Carina Perrotta - Class of '03
"Exceptional quality program. Excellent clinical/didactic mix." - Karen Kowal - Class of '79
"The quality of my medical education reflects in my patient care both in sound medical judgement and treating patients with compassion." - Kevin Steckline - Class of '81
"I was impressed with the high caliber of instruction. As a student you are given the tools to become a highly skilled clinician." - Theresa Oakley - Class of '96
"The thorough academic medical education and the varied, rigorous clinical experience gained from rotations gave me the foundation necessary to thrive as I began my career." - Christine Lang Steitz - Class of '98
"91% of employers feel that the reputation of the PA Program is important when deciding who to hire." - Results from a recent employer's survey

33-Month Length

"The three-year program is highly beneficial allowing for growth and maturity both personally and professionally." - Erika Van Hulzen - Class of '02
"The three-year schedule includes time devoted to working on a master's thesis as well as time for breaks, particularly welcome during the clinical rotations. I can't imagine doing the program in less time." - Susan Kirschenbaum - Class of '02
"The ever-changing landscape of medicine year to year is daunting...the three-year program assures completeness and adequacy in the training." - Kelvin Lee - Class of '00
"The three-year program allowed a greater variation of medical subspecialties...I not only felt prepared to sit for my certifying exam, but to be successful in my career as a physician assistant." - Suzanne Knight - Class of '01
"...I had many more experiences and many more opportunities to learn...I think the extra rotations and the extra year really helped prepare me for not only the Board exam, but also for my career as a PA." - Michael Morand - Class of '03
"The three-year curriculum offered me the education and experience I needed to excel in my field when I found my first job, and continues to present day." - Kevin Steckline - Class of '81
When I was "shopping around" for a PA program, UMDNJ stuck out in my mind because it was a longer program." - Krista Wark Rogaski - Class of '06
In order to work efficiently in the growing healthcare setting, I need the time to learn medicine well and to get the adequate training before I get out there." - Yu-Ping Lee - Class of '06


The program was a perfect blend of book learning and hands-on experience." - Joy Marini - Class of '97
"I believe one of the greatest aspects of the Program was the level of confidence I had because of the expansive and intensive curriculum. The program provided me with the knowledge and confidence needed to embark on a great new career." - Matthew Cassells - Clas of '93
"One of the best opportunities I had during the program was being able to select my elective...I spent 2 weeks in Montana with the Crow Indians on the reservation. It was a fascinating experience." - Lauren Polvino - Class of '88
"I have easily built upon the broad curriculum the Program provided to further expand my knowledge and I have felt confident in all the PA positions I have held in surgery, internal medicine and now family practice." - Joann Colbert - Class of '97
"The PA Program...gave me a quality opportunity to work in an urban area in Emergency Room Services. (I was) prepared to give, with expertise and self-confidence, excellent compassionate care to patients with multiple health problems." - Sister Dolores Lew - Class of '94
"...It was invaluable to have a program flexible enough to set up an additional elective in emergency medicine. It helped me to start working as a professional in a hospital that never had a PA in their emergency department before." - Vincent Gloria - Class of '95
"For several years, I have acted as a student preceptor for UMDNJ students... They are always fluent in the latest medical practices and their practical skills are excellent." - Christine Lang Steitz - Class of '98
"The curriculum is intense and challenges me in every aspect, from academic to my own personal capabilities." - Danielle Camastra - Class of '06
"I enjoy the rigorous coursework in the sciences - my understanding of the human body has broadened and deepened even more than I can fully appreciate at this time." - Krista Wark Rogaski - Class of '06
"One of the great strengths of this program is the opportunity it affords students to master the basic sciences which are (the foundation of) medicine." - Michael Newlon, Ph.D., Microbiology Professor


"A great place to go to school - Affordable housing, convenient parking, local and distant preceptorships, and great social venues close by." - Joy Marini - Class of '97
"I was very happy to find a program within commuting distance with such an outstanding reputation..." - Theresa Oakley - Class of '96
"Centrally located in NJ, you're only a heartbeat away from some of the world's best medical centers in NY, Boston and Philadelphia." - Kelvin Lee - Class of '00
"Everything from rural country family practices to state of the art urban trauma centes are available for students." - Kelvin Lee - Class of '00
"You truly experience a variety (of rotations) from inner city clinics to hospitals in wealthy communities. This gives you a broad foundation to narrow down what you want to do as a practicing PA." - Joy Mammon Hampton - Class of '02
"Co-location at Robert Wood Johnson Medical school means we get the benefit of their brilliant and very dedicated faculty who are also extremely supportive of the concept of the PA profession." - Jan Jansen - current student - Class of '06

Faculty/Staff Support

"Because of the incredible dedication of the staff for our betterment, UMDNJ PA students always do well, feel more confident and feel more prepared..." - Mary Contiliano - Class of '99
"I was constantly impressed with the faculty and staff support. We all became a close family over the time I spent with the Program!" - Cathryn Reti Pocaroba - Class of '03
"I appreciate so much the people, both the didactic professors and the staff at the PA Program. Consistently, they were always focused on what I needed to do. Their guidance helped me develop into a responsible, caring and capable practitioner and for that I am very grateful." - Carina Perotta - Class of '03
"The staff is dedicated, supportive and committed to graduating a well-trained PA ready to begin work." - Susan Kirschenbaum - Class of '02
"Faculty encourage students to excel." - Karen Kowal - Class of '79
"The program offers a lot of support which was especially important to me as a student and mother of five children." - Theresa Oakley - Class of '96
"The more I am into the program, the more I appreciate the careful design and devotion of faculty to the training of myself and others..." - Yu-Ping Lee - Class of '06
"The faculty is very proactive and vigilant in ensuring that each and every student is prepared for the 'real world' after school." - Rick Contiliano - Class of '99

Prepared For Practice

"I still remember many of the lessons and subjects as I encounter the real life situations at work..." - Patricia Shumack-Kaczorwoski - Class of '91
"Now that I am practicing, I realize and appreciate even more the strong background of information and wealth of preparatory skills I was given." - Carina Perrotta - Class of '03
"I am frequently faced with situations that confirm my assertion that I graduated from a physician assistant program that prepared me to succeed in the PA profession." - Theresa Oakley - Class of '96
"Employers repeatedly tell us that graduates from the UMDNJ PA Program are extremely prepared and able to function at a very high level." - Matthew McQuillan - current faculty and Class of '96
"82% of employers felt that the UMDNJ graduates were better prepared compared with other PAs in the same job title." - Recent employer's survey


"It is truly an honor to say I am part of the UMDNJ PA Program." - Carina Perotta - Class of '03
"I have been practicing as a PA for 17 years and still love what I do." - Lynn Krish Neuburger - Class of '87
"I cannot express enough the appreciation of the education I received at UMDNJ." - Len McCawley - Class of '93
"There is no doubt in my mind that the UMDNJ Physician Assistant Program's training has far exceeded all goals in preparing me for a career in medicine." - Len McCawley - Class of '93
"I am proud to be a graduate of UMDNJ!" - Kimberly Lippincott Miller - Class of '96
"...You'll thank your lucky stars you went to UMDNJ." - Kelvin Lee - Class of '00
"Excellent PA - you should be proud - we are." - Physician who hired one of our graduates
"Most reliable, proficient and professional PA - congratulations to your program." - feedback on a recent employer's survey
"I would be happy to have another of your me for employment." - feedback on a recent employer's survey







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