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Barbara Gladson PhD

Chair of the Department

Dr. Gladson is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Health professions.  She has been at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences for 26 years first as an assistant professor in the Rehabilitation and Movement Science Department, and now a full professor and Interim Chair of the Health Informatics Department.  She has been the driving force behind the development of the Rutgers Biopharma Educational Initiative which brought together several schools and pharmaceutical companies to offer online education for the biopharmaceutical employee.   Under her leadership the program has enjoyed tremendous growth and has received recognition among academic programs in clinical research as having a unique curriculum design.

Dr. Gladson has earned a BS from the University of Pennsylvania in Occupational Therapy, a MS degree in Physical Therapy from Columbia and a PhD in Pharmacology from the Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.  In 2015 she was selected to attend the prestigious HERS Leadership Conference designed for women in higher education.

Shankar Srinivasan PhD

Program Directo/Associate Professor

Shankar Srinivasan is currently an Associate Professor and a Program Director of the Biomedical Informatics Program in Rutgers-SHP's Health Informatics Department and has taught in universities in Singapore and Australia. His research interests are mainly in the areas of health care data analysis, neuro-fuzzy systems and health outcomes research. He has published in various international conference proceedings and journals.


Kathleen Kirk MS, RHIA, CHC

Assistant Professor & Program Director

Kathleen Kirk is currently an Assistant Professor in Rutgers-SHP's Health Informatics Department and Program Director of the Health Information Management Program. She plays an active leadership role in the New Jersey Health Information Management Association.


Doreen W. Lechner, PhD

Program Director/Assistant Professor

Doreen Lechner is the Program Director of the MS in Clinical Trial Sciences Program at SHP Rutgers and an assistant professor in the Department of Health Informatics.  She brings over 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in all areas of clinical trial, regulatory and drug safety to the program.  Dr Lechner holds the recognition as “One of the 100 Most Inspiring People in the Life-Sciences Industry” by PharmaVoice.  She received her doctoral degree in Pharmacology from Rutgers University - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.


Antonina Mitrofanova PhD

Assistant Professor

Antonina Mitrofanova is currently an Assistant Professor and Director of Biomedical Informatics Research in the department of Health Informatics at SHP at Rutgers.  Her laboratory investigates transcriptional as well as epigenetic mechanisms that drive cancer initiation, progression, and metastases. Furthermore, her lab interests expand to elucidating mechanisms of drug response and resistance and identifying novel drug and drug combinations to target cancer malignancies. 


Frederick Coffman PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Frederick Coffman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Informatics. Prior to his coming to Health Informatics, Dr. Coffman spent over 25 years as a medical school faculty member, performing cancer-related research, directing graduate school courses and graduate programs, and lecturing in over 20 different courses in the graduate, medical, and dental schools. He has published his research in numerous peer-reviewed publications, written invited reviews and book chapters, and has presented his work at national meetings. While involved in a number of cancer-related projects, Dr. Coffman’s primary research foci are the enhancement of tumor cell killing by tumor necrosis factor, the regulation of DNA replication initiation in leukemia cells, tissue remodeling in soft tissue tumors, and most recently the biophysical profiling of cancer cells. Biomedical informatics is the driving force in the development of precision medicine approaches to disease treatments, particularly in the treatment of cancers, and Dr. Coffman is developing educational and collaborative research projects to prepare our students for careers in this exciting and rapidly evolving environment.


Masayuki Shibata PhD

Associate Professor

Masayuki Shibata is currently an Associate Professor in Rutgers-SHP's Health Informatics Department. His areas of research include drug discovery and molecular modelling. He has published in various international conference proceedings and journals.


Nadina C Jose, MD

Assistant Professor

Nadina Jose is an Assistant Professor  in the Department of Health Informatics, MS in Clinical Trial Sciences at SHP Rutgers. Her expertise in the area of Clinical Research and Medical Affairs over the past 25 years brings a wealth of clinical trial enterprise experience to our program.    In addition to teaching  across the Management and Recruitment Sciences, Regulatory Affairs and the Medical Affairs Tracks, she mentors and advises students in their Capstone Projects.  Dr Jose was the former Associate Dean for the School of Clinical Research of the American University of Health Sciences in Long Beach, California.


Lisa Palladino Kim, MS

Director, Capstone – Lecturer

Lisa Palladino Kim is the Director of Capstone Field Mentorship and Lecturer in the School of Health Professions MS in Clinical Trial Sciences Program at SHP Rutgers. She has 15 years of pharmaceutical expertise, with a concentration in Clinical Operations including Patient Recruitment, Data Management, and Project Management, which has lead to her involvement in career, policy, and process development initiatives.  Her interests lie in global clinical experiences with a concentration in Asia.   Lisa continues to stay connected to current clinical trial initiatives with her active involvement in the Drug Information Association and the Regional Asian Clinical Trial Association. 


Patricia Beers-Block, MDE, BS, BS, CCRP


Patricia Beers Block worked for the FDA for 33 years during which she acquired extensive knowledge of the regulations, policies, inspectional program, and regulatory review process governing investigational drugs.  Her positions ranged from field Investigator, Supervisory Investigator, Compliance Officer within CDER Office of Compliance, Approvals and Review Manager within CDER’s Office of Generic Drugs, and Expert Consumer Safety Officer within the Office of the Commissioner.  FDA career highlights include serving as the Part 11 co-chair; coordinating the development of guidances including “Computerized Systems Used in Clinical Investigations” and “Statement of the Investigator (FDA Form 1572)”; developing training programs for global regulatory authorities; and serving as Quality Assurance trainer for FDA’s IRB.  After leaving FDA, she served as Vice President of Regulatory Policy at Medidata Solutions Worldwide.

Ms. Beer Block has been a regular contributor to programs developed by DIA, eCF, and SOCRA.  She currently serves on the SOCRA Board of Directors, and as an Advisor for the clinical research academic program at the University of California, Irvine.  She received her undergraduate degrees from Rutgers University (Biological Science), University of Maryland University College (Computer and Management Information Science), and her masters degree from University of Maryland University College (Distance Education). 


Terris Moss, PhD


Terris Moss is an Instructor in the Department of Health Informatics, MS in Clinical Trial Sciences at SHP Rutgers. She brings over 18 years of diverse experience in the clinical research industry in clinical operations, clinical project management and global program management. Her experience spans multiple therapeutic areas including: Allergy, Anti-Infective, Cardiovascular, Central Nervous System, Endocrinology (thyroid disorders, growth hormone, obesity and diabetes) and Oncology.   In addition to teaching, she mentors and advises students in their Capstone Projects.  Dr Moss  holds a Doctoral degree in the area of Healthcare Quality, Biomedical Informatics from School of Health Professions, Rutgers University

Syed Haque PhD

Syed Haque is a Professor of Health Informatics and his interest areas include health care outcomes measurement and research and health care data mining. He has published extensively in journals and in several conferences, and has also served as Chair in several international conferences. He has been Recognized/Certified as Internationally Registered Technology Specialist (IR7), by the Secretariat to the IRTS Council, International Technology Institute, San Diego, CA. He is also on the Editorial Board of The Journal on Information Technology in Healthcare.





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