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Certificate in Healthcare Compliance


The changing regulatory environment has resulted in a growing need for compliance professionals. Compliance with federal and state regulations has become a major focus for all areas of the health care industry.  As the federal and state governments place emphasis on investigating and prosecuting health care fraud and other types of non-compliance, the demand for health care professionals knowledgeable in these issues has never been greater.


This 12 credit certificate is completed in two subsequent semesters and includes the following 3 credit courses:


BINF 4536 Healthcare Compliance I: This course introduces the most important legal and practical concepts in the field of health care compliance.   It deals with the basic fundamentals of health care compliance administration, examining written compliance policies and procedures, descriptions of compliance oversight and committees; enforcement and reporting requirements, screening of employees and vendors, negotiating and enforcing corporate integrity agreements, and billing and coding basics.


BINF 4537 Healthcare Compliance II: This course focuses on the laws and regulations that are applicable to healthcare organizations in regards to Compliance. It also provides an exploration of federal and state laws, policy guidance, and enforcement and standards of discipline. This course will address exclusion authority, quality and compliance, OIG advisory opinions, EMTALA, the Anti-kickback Statute, Stark Law, False Claims Act, Medicare/Medicaid regulations, Sanctions, Affordable Care Act, and other applicable healthcare federal and state laws.


IDST 4150 Ethics in Healthcare:  Provides an overview of theory and application in the principles of jurisprudence and moral decision-making, as applied to health care. Emphasis will be on the critical analysis of ethical issues in assignments and discussions.


BINF 5007 Health Care Information Privacy Security And Confidentiality: This course provides and overview of the components of the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act (HIPAA) as related to the privacy of health information and the security of data in the electronic environment.



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