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CACE Overview & Step-by-Step Enrollment Process




Non‐Matriculated Status is for individuals not currently admitted to any SHP program.  Non‐ Matriculated students may take up to 12 credits of course work and are not considered to be pursuing an institutional creditable (degree).    Persons applying for non‐matriculation shall be required to:

  • completed Non‐Matriculated Application/Registration
  • submit appropriate educational/licensing credentials when requested
  • submit appropriate health documents (if applicable)
  • pay tuition and fees

Other documents may be required at the discretion of the program director or the program admissions committee.   

Financial Support

Rutgers‐SHP financial aid is NOT available for non‐matriculated students.  Appropriate, authorized vouchers from third party payers (U.S. Military, employers, etc.) are accepted and must be filled with the CACE office before enrollment deadlines.

For Applicants
  • Individuals with program‐appropriate pre‐requisite knowledge are welcome to enroll as a non‐ matriculated CACE students at SHP.   
  • Students can take individual courses (up to twelve credits)  
  • Students can enroll in a Certificate Program. For detailed information about career prospects, requirements,  (see listing) ‐
  • All applications for CACE non‐matriculated enrollment are subject to departmental approval and course enrollment is constrained by class size restrictions
  • All completed certificate applications are forwarded to departments for review and approval
  • You will be contacted by e‐mail during each step of the approval and enrollment process.   
  • After enrollment is completed, you will receive a login and network credentials from the CACE coordinator.   
  • Many of our CACE courses are online
  • Non‐matriculated students who wish to pursue a Rutgers degree in the School of Health Professions apply for admission through the Office of Enrollment Services and are required to submit all documents required by the school and their respective programs even if some of these documents were on file during a previous non‐matriculated application process
  • Being a non‐matriculated students does not assure admission into a degree‐granting program  
For Accepted Certificate Students

Once approved, you will receive a packet of materials. When all of your required forms have been entered into records, you will be given permission to enroll as a non‐matriculated student.  It will be your responsibility to match your sequence of enrollment with the course(s) Listed in the program requirements document that you have signed and submitted.

Required Admission Documents

  • Program Requirements Document
  • Academic Integrity Certificate
  • If requested by the CACE Coordinator

o Health/Immunization and Criminal Background forms


Accepted Certificate Student Forms:
Application for Completion of Certificate Student Authorization for Criminal Background Check*
Course Add/Drop Form Criminal Background Self-Disclosure Form*
Official Change of Student Data Form Health Immunization Record for Web-Based Students

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