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Master of Science in Health Care Management


The Program

The Master of Science in Health Care Management (MSHM) is an online graduate program which helps prepare individuals to be highly effective managers and leaders in the health care industry.   This program is primarily intended for candidates with established careers in the healthcare field who are simultaneously seeking to further advance their careers by broadening and deepening their management and leadership skill-set.  Further, the program seeks to build upon the experiences of current health professionals by emphasizing value-added competencies including those related to management, leadership, strategic planning, finance and economics, quality assurance, informatics, legal and ethics, as well as research and other related areas. As a result, the MSHM degree is generally not well suited for those seeking to gain an initial foothold in the health professions.  It should also be noted that the curriculum is designed and course offerings sequenced specifically for those seeking to attend the MSHM on a part-time basis.


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Degree Tracks

The Master of Science in Health Care Management has three tracks. They are Management and Leadership, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Health Care Informatics; each of which is described below.

Management and Leadership

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This track is appropriate for a wide range of health professionals who are seeking to advance their careers and expand their career options.  This track is especially suited for those seeking to broaden and deepen their health care management and administrative skill-set.  The track offers ideal blend of structure and flexibility, combining foundational course requirements related to management, leadership, finance and strategic planning, as well as other related competencies.


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Track

Few professions are expanding as rapidly as healthcare, which means the need to educate health professionals has never been greater. The evolving requirements of managers and supervisors in the mental healthcare service system has lead to the need for skills, knowledge and the use of technology to ensure resources are managed effectively and program and patient outcomes are achieved. The Rutgers School of Health Professions is uniquely positioned to offer the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Track of the Masters of Science in Healthcare Management.  Experienced faculty guide students through coursework on management, leadership, finance, strategic planning and evidence based & promising practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.


What makes us unique?

  • A wealth of faculty experience in management, leadership and psychiatric rehabilitation principles and practices
  • The only masters level healthcare management degree with a psychiatric rehabilitation focus in the country
  • Flexibility of an entirely online program using best practice instructional design
  • Part –time study for working professionals
  • The value of an outstanding University reputation and affordable tuition.

Program Overview:

The mission of this Track is to prepare experienced mental health and rehabilitation professionals to become supervisors, managers, and quality improvement professionals in psychiatric rehabilitation, roles that professionals with graduate degrees are often called upon to perform in the field of mental healthcare delivery. The course of study for the Leadership Track emphasizes the leadership skills needed for advancement to administrative and supervisory positions. This includes classes in management, supervision, organizational and program development as well as a firm background in the empirical basis of psychiatric rehabilitation.

In addition to the core requirements of the Masters of Science in Healthcare Management, the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Track courses include important content about the practices that promote recovery such as:

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Evidence-based and Promising Practices
  • Wellness & Recovery

We are currently accepting applications.

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Students seeking a combination of health care management with a concentration in informatics can select this track. This combination is ideal for individuals who would heavily utilize information systems in the management of their unit(s), click here.



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