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Master of Science in Health Care Management

The Curriculum

The Master of Science in Health Care Management is a 36 credit program consisting of the following:

  • A 18 credit core of courses [6 courses] 
  • Three, 15 credit  Specialty Tracks  [students choose one track]
  • A 6 credit capstone graduate project


Click here for a full listing of the courses for the Master of Science in Health Care Management.


HEALTH SCIENCES - MS in Health Care Management


Core - Required for All Tracks - 12 Credits

IDST 5110 - Health Services, Issues and Trends (3 cr)

IDST 5600 -  Management and Leadership in Health Care (3 cr)

BINF 5131 – Health Care Finance Systems (3 cr)


IDST 5800 - Financial Management in Health Care (3cr)

IDST 6111 - Strategic Planning and the Management of Health Care Organizations (3 cr)

Specialization Tracks/Options


Health Care Management  & Leadership

Informatics Certificate as Specialization

Choose 9 cr.

All 12 cr. Required.  Represents the application of required courses within a health care informatics certificate, to these degree requirements.

NUTR 6505- Ethical Issues in Health Care Practice (3 cr)

BINF 5005-Health Care Information Systems (3 cr)

IDST- 5700 Legal Aspects of Health Care (3 cr)

BINF 5311-Introduction to Electronic Health Sys.(3 cr)

IDST6120- Healthcare Policy and Planning (3 cr)

BINF 5115-Health Care Data Management (3 cr)

IDST5000- Information Management and Communication Technologies (3 cr)

BINF 5007 – Health Care Information Privacy, Security and Confidentiality (New Course) (3 cr)

IDST-5650 Quality Management in Health Care ( 3 cr)


IDST-6200 - Research Methods for the Health Sciences (3 cr)


Electives (all 3 credit courses) -- Sample Listing Below


Health Care Management  & Leadership

Choose 6 Credits*

Informatics Certificate as Specialization

Choose 3 Credits*

IDST-5215- Human Resources Management

IDST-6400- Evidence-Based Literature Review

IDST-5100- Multi-disciplinary Dimensions of Clinical Systems


IDST-5200- Principles of Trans-Cultural Health Care

IDST-5320- Social & Healthcare Policy for the Older Adult

IDST-6200- The ABC’s of Managed Care 

IDST-5240- Mgt. & Leadership in Health Professions Education

IDST-6500- Independent Study

IDST-6121- Data Analysis and Interpretation I

IDST-6300-Grantmanship in Health Care

IDST-5750-Introduction to Epidemiology

NUTR 6400- Clinical Management

* Note that with advance written approval from the Associate Dean, Chairperson or Program Director, courses which pertain to selected graduate certificates (e.g., Aging, Clinical Lab Sciences and Informatics, Biopharma), may be applied as electives to these degree requirements.

Graduate Project - Required for All Tracks –

3 Credits

IDST6980- Graduate Project (3 cr) or

IDST 6989 - Clinical Graduate Project (3 cr)

Total Credits Required:


36 cr

36 cr

36 cr





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