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Medical Laboratory Science - Curriculum

Course Requirements for Graduation
Summer Semester (12 weeks)
  Course # Course Title Credits 
  MLSC2119  Basic Laboratory Operations 2
  MLSC2129  Hematology I 3
  MLSC2169 Body Fluids 1
  MLSC2249  Clinical Chemistry I 4
  MLSC2159  Clinical Immunology 2
Total 12
Fall Semester (16 weeks)
  Course #  Course Title Credits 
  MLSC4279  Clinical Microbiology 6
  MLSC2239  Immunohematology I 3
  MLSC4349  Clinical Chemistry II 3
  MLSC4329  Hematology II 3
Total 15
Spring Semester (18 weeks)
  Course # Course Title Credits 
  CLSC4310 Laboratory Statistics, Management and Education 2
  CLSC4319  Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics 2
  MLSC4339  Immunohematology II 2
  MLSC4429 Clinical Practice in Hematology and Urinalysis* 2
  MLSC4449  Clinical Practice in Chemistry* 2
  MLSC4489  Independent Study 3
Total 13
Summer Semester (14 weeks)
  Course #  Course Title Credits 
  MLSC4390  Topics in Medical Laboratory Science** 1
  MLSC4439  Clinical Practice in Immunohematology and Immunology* 2
  MLSC4479 Clinical Practice in Microbiology* 2
Total 5
Total Credits: 45

*The sequence of Clinical Practice courses may vary.

**A Comprehensive Examination in Medical Laboratory Science is given at the end of the Program, and is part of the Topics in Medical Laboratory Science Course. Achievement of a passing score is a requirement for completion of the Topics course and the Program.

Always check the latest version of this Curriculum at the Program Requirements database.

Student may register for classes on a part-time basis with the approval of the Program Director.



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