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Student Wellness Monthly Article

The Student Wellness Program produces monthly articles that provide information and resources on different subject matters deemed beneficial for students. 

If you have ideas for topics for future articles Student Wellness welcomes your suggestions at any time.  You may contact Student Wellness at (732) 235-5930 with questions or comments.

Please click the month to view information:

"Bystander Intervention"

April 2018

"Attitude is Everything"

December 2017

"Expressing Gratitude"

November 2017

"How Perfectionism Can Hurt You"

October 2017

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 2017

Spring Celebration

March 2017

Healthy Thought Habits

January 2017

Timely Topic: Post Election Stress

December 2016

Transgender Awareness Month!

November 2016

Emotional Intelligence and Academic Success

October 2016

Recognizing Your Agreements

March 2016

Helping Your Fellows

February 2016

Winter Wellness

January 2016

Timely Topic: Seasonal Affective Disorder

December 2015

Academic Engagement: Options worth considering that could result in classroom success.

November 2015

What is the Student Wellness Program?

September 2015

On the Importance of Gratitude

April 2015

Mindfulness March: Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Deep Breath!

March 2015

Healthy Relationships

January 2015

Planning a Healthy Holiday Season

December 2014

Time for a Mental Health Fitness Checkup?

November 2014

Is it Time to Reorganize?

October 2014


What is the Student Wellness Program?

September 2014


Avoiding Negativity

April 2014



March 2014


Starting the New Year Off

January 2014


Mindfulness - How Present Are You Really?

December 2013


November 2013

Altruism and Happiness: Perfect Together

October 2013





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