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Student Status

Please see below the 3 different status types that students may be placed on when not enrolled for the current term or upcoming term(s). All students must either be enrolled or be placed on one of the statuses listed below.

To request to be placed on a specific status, please submit the required forms to Enrollment Services. If required, the form will be sent to the Program for approval. The Program will then reply to Enrollment Services with their decision and the student's status will be updated.

Students who do not re-enroll upon the expiration of any of the statuses below, will be administratively withdrawn from the School by the Registrar's Office. Students who have been administratively withdrawn will need to apply for re-admission as well as pay the application fee and comply with the readmission policy.

Maintaining Matriculation
Leave of Absence
Withdrawal from Program

Please see below for a description of each status.

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Maintaining Matriculation

A student on Maintaining Matriculation is defined as a student who is approved to complete unfinished work required for courses from previous semesters, but is not involved in any academic enhancement outside their usual curriculum. Such a student is not taking any new courses but will be registered for the School-specific version of a course entitled “Maintaining Matriculation”.

Examples of students eligible for Maintaining Matriculation:

• Student who is working on an Incomplete(s) from a previous term.

• Student who is awaiting graduation due to missing a graduation date or studying for passage of board exams.

Students wishing to be placed on Maintaining Matriculation should submit a Maintaining Matriculation and Leave of Absence Form 

** This form will be forwarded to your Program for approval. Completion of this form and receiving approval from your department will enable SHP to accurately report students as active in their current program **  Students who file for Maintaining Matriculation will be assessed a $100 administrative fee.

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Leave of Absence

Any student who wishes to request a Leave of Absence must submit a completed Maintaining Matriculation and Leave of Absence Form  to Enrollment Services, indicating the reasons for the request. This form is available through the Office of Enrollment Services, either in person or on the SHP website. Once received, Enrollment Services will forward the form to the student's Program Director, who will evaluate the request in accordance with any Program specific policies or procedures.

If the Program Director imposes any conditions on the student's return from a Leave of Absence, the Program Director will communicate the conditions in writing to the student, with a copy to Enrollment Services. Enrollment Services will place a hold on the student's registration until the Program Director confirms in writing to Enrollment Services that all conditions have been met for the student's return from Leave of Absence. A Leave of Absence may be granted for a period of up to one academic year per request. Students who do not return after the expiration of the Leave of Absence will be administratively withdrawn due to inactivity.

The Office of Enrollment Services may deny return from a Leave of Absence, if the student has not obtained Program Director's written confirmation that any conditions established for the Leave of Absence have been met or if outstanding tuition and fees or other encumbrances exist. Unless conditions have been imposed by the Program Director for return from a Leave of Absence, students are not required to receive approval to return if they are returning within the period the student had been previously granted. Reapplication for admission is not required.

Students who do not re-enroll upon the expiration of a Leave of Absence and who do not receive approval from the Program Director for an additional period of leave, will be administratively withdrawn from the School by Enrollment Services.

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Withdrawal From School

A student wishing to officially withdraw from the school must consult with their Program Director, complete the Program Withdrawal and Course Withdrawal Form and forward to the Registrar's office. The form will be forwarded to your Program for approval.

Students with outstanding balances are not entitled to receive, or to have sent on their behalf, transcripts of their academic work until such encumbrances are satisfied. An exit interview may be scheduled with various departments (i.e. Financial Aid, Student Loans...).

Once the Program has approved the withdrawal and all encumbrances have been met, the withdrawal will be processed and the student's graduation fee will be reversed and distributed if applicable.



Students are encouraged to call the Office of Enrollment Services- Registrar's Office at 973-972-5454 if they have any questions regarding their student status.



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