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With SHP now being a part of Rutgers University, our PhD graduates now have the ability to utilize the RU etd system(Electronic Theses & Dissertations).


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                What is RU etd?
When would I begin this process?
                    RU etd FAQ
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          When would I begin this process?
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What is an ETD?

RUetd is the Rutgers University service for graduate students to submit their theses and dissertations online. All ETDs will be preserved and made permanently available in the RUcore

An ETD is the dissertation or thesis of a research doctoral or master's student in an electronic format. This format makes the dissertation suitable for machine archives, and allows for worldwide retrieval. In content it is essentially the same as its paper predecessor and meets all the same expectations for style and substance.

Some Benefits of the RU edt are:

  • Provides a technologically advanced medium for conveying materials.
  • You may prepare an ETD by using nearly any word processor or document preparation system, and by incorporating relevant multimedia objects.
  • It is less expensive for you to prepare. By creating an ETD, you avoid the requirement of submitting multiple copies on special paper.
  • ETDs promote greater access to your research.
  • ETDs can be made available to anyone who browses the World Wide Web.

At What Phase of My Dissertation, Would I Begin This Process?

Students who have successfully defended their Dissertation and are ready to send their final document for review for formatting to teh Dean for Research, will submit their Dissertation electronically through this process. the Dean for Research will then review the Dissertation through the RUetd system. Once approved, the student will be notified and will be contacted by the Asstitant Dean for Student Affairs for information on additional post-dissertation requirements.

RU etd FAQ

Please visit the RU etd FAQ webpage which answers many questions you may have in regards to RU etd.

Some examples of questions within the FAQ are:

  • When will my ETD be published?
  • What should I know about copyright and my ETD?
  • How does the Review Process work?
  • May I make changes to my ETD after it has been permitted?

To visit the FAQ webpage, please click here.

RU etd Tutorial and Preview

Please visit the RU etd "Tutorial and Preview" web page to view the 5 step process.

Please view the "Tutorial and Preview" by clicking here.

Submissions to RUetd - Rutgers Electronic Theses & Dissertations (RUetd) are made online by registering and completing a simple five-step submission process.

First you have to log in using your NetID and corresponding password. Both NetID and password are transmitted over a secure connection. If your NetID/password do not work when trying to login to RUetd, use the "Contact Us" link to request a guest account.

RU etd Student Guide

This document, a user guide for graduate students, describes the applicable features of the RUetd System developed by and in use at Rutgers University. Explained here is the functionality that is available for any author who needs to submit a paper, thesis, dissertation or similar project in electronic format that documents work performed for an advanced degree. 

To view the RU etd Student Guide, please click here.

Logging in to RU edt to Submit Your Dissertation

You may login to the RUetd System by clicking here.




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