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1. Login to the myportal.rutgers

2. Update / View Personal Information

3. Student Services & Financial Aid


- Registration


- Student Records


- Financial Aid


- Admissions

4. View Class Schedule

5. View Course Catalog





1. Login to the Rutgers Web Portal (


Go to .

Enter your User Name and Password. Your User Name is your Rutgers email name (i.e., the part of the address before the “”).

Screenshot of Secure Access Login

Once inside myportal.Rutgers, locate the Banner Self-Service menu, which looks like the image below. This menu provides access to several kinds of student information.

Screenshot of the Banner Self-Service menu

Note : If you have not received your Rutgers email, contact the Office of Enrollment Services at (973) 972-5454.

If you have your correct User Name but are still unable to log into myportal.Rutgers, contact the Rutgers Technology Service Center at (732) 743-3200 to request for your access to be reset. The Service Center is open between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm (EST), Monday through Friday.

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2. Updating / Viewing Personal Information


The Personal Information section allows you to change your PIN, your security question, view and update your address(es), phone number(s) and email address(s), and emergency contacts, as well as learn about changing your legal name or Social Security number.

Access this section by clicking the 'Personal Information' link on the Banner Self-Service menu (pictured above).

Screenshot of the Personal Information menu

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3. Student Services & Financial Information


The Student & Financial Information section allows you to register online, view your student records, review financial aid information, and apply for admission.

Access this section by clicking the 'Student & Financial Information' link on the Banner Self-Service menu (pictured above)

Screenshot of the Student Services & Financial Aid menu

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Online Registration

Traditional (non-block registered) SHP students are expected to register online. Courses may be found online through the Banner Self-Service menu (pictured above) under Class Schedule.

Step 1: Check Eligibility to Register - Under the Registration menu, you will be able to review your eligibility for enrollment, select term, calculate tuition and fees as well as review your course schedule. Under the 'Check Eligibility to Register' area, this is where you will be notified of any administrative holds placed onto your student account. Please contact the appropriate office (i.e. Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, Student Loans, Accounts Receivable/Cashier’s Office) as soon as possible to clear any holds.

Screenshot of the Registration menu

Step 2: Select Term & Courses - When you are prompted to select term, locate the term code (i.e. Fall 2005). Since there are eight schools across the university, each school has its own school code. The School of Health Professions uses (13) for Fall, (53) for Spring and (73) for Summer, which appears to the right of each term code. If selecting the Fall 2005 semester for registration, you will highlight “Fall 2005 (13)” and click Submit. Selecting a term code with the text “(View only)” to the right of it will not allow you to select courses for registration.

Screenshot of the 'Search by Term' drop-down menu

Once you have selected the term, you will then be able to view all available courses. The least restrictive method for searching for courses is to highlight only the Subject name (i.e. Biomedical Informatics for BINF courses) and then click on the ‘Class Search’ button which will bring up all BINF courses. Courses that are available for web registration will have a check box to the left of the CRN. Selecting additional fields such as Day of the Week or Course number (i.e. 5005) will bring up a more limited search. Courses without a box to the left of the CRN indicate that you are already registered for the course. Courses with a ‘C’ to the left of the CRN indicate that the specific course is either Closed or Cancelled.

Screenshot of the 'Course Search' page

Course Selection - Once you have determined the course(s) that you plan to enroll in for the selected term, you should click in the open box (this places a check mark into it) at the left of the course and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add to Worksheet’. You will then be prompted to enter in your Web Registration PIN.

Web Registration PIN - Based on your program, you web registration pin will be distributed to you by email or mail from the Office of Enrollment Services or directly from your Program Director. Each web registration PIN is six numerical digits which change each semester.

Screenshot of the Registration PIN textbox

Add / Drop Classes - After you have entered your web registration PIN; you will then be directed to the Add/Drop section of the Registration module. Here, you will be able to finalize your registration selection based on which courses you checked. This area will advise you of any previously-registered courses for the respective term.

Screenshot of the 'Current Schedule' page

Add Classes Worksheet - In this area, you will find the courses that you have selected from the Course Search Area. Clicking 'Submit Changes' will register you for these courses unless there are restrictions on the course such as level (graduate/undergraduate) or the course has reached its maximum enrollment. A red Stop circle will appear to notify you that you will not be able to register for the course. Certain courses may require permission from a course instructor or a Program Director.

Step 3: Calculate Tuition & Fees - In this area, you can view your registration and the fees assessed to your account. A Graduation Fee ($40 for joint program students (except BSHS /wTESC students) and $80 for Rutgers-only students) and a General Services Fee of $50 is charged during the first term of enrollment for all SHP students. Students with questions pertaining to their financial account should direct questions to the Cashier’s Office located at the Newark campus at (973) 972-6307.

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Student Records

Your detailed student schedule may be viewed via the 'Student Records' section of Banner Self-Service (see above to help locate this), which will allow you to confirm that you have been registered or if you have registered for the correct courses. Students in this area may view the details of each course.

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Financial Aid

Under the Financial Aid area, you will be able to locate information pertaining to your Financial Aid Requirements, Annual Package by Aid Year, Cost of Attendance, Account Summary by Term and a link to the Student Financial Aid homepage. The Financial Aid link is available by clicking 'Student & Financial Aid' - which is accessed from the Banner Self-Service menu (see above to help locate this).

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Under the Admissions area, you may create or complete an Application for Admission or display previously submitted applications. The Admissions link is available by clicking 'Student & Financial Aid' - which is accessed from the Banner Self-Service menu (see above to help locate this).

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4. View Class Schedule


The online Class Schedule displays a list of courses that includes the Course Reference Number (CRN), the Subject code, Course number, Section code, number of credits, course title, course type, start and end dates, primary course instructor and course comments (if applicable).

To begin, click 'Course Schedule' on the Banner Self-Service menu, located in the University Portal (see above to help find this). Under Course Schedule, click on the name of the school (i.e. School of Health Professions) and then select the appropriate term under the school name (i.e. Fall 2005). Courses are sorted in alphabetical order by Subject code.

Screenshot of the 'Course Schudule' listing

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5. View Course Catalog


You can use the Course Catalog to find detailed information regarding specific courses. For example, you can view a course's description, prerequisites, credits, associated programs, and more.

To begin, click 'Course Catalog' on the Banner Self-Service menu, located in the University Portal (see above to help find this). After selecting the school ( School of Health Professions), you have the option of searching by Course Number or by Program.

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