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OFFICE OF RESEARCH - Summer Research Program


Student Interns for Research and Scholarly Activities

Note: All dates are subject to change and will be updated as needed.

Please see forms below to initiate proposal, project committment and final report (abstracts).



  • Official Announcement - March 17, 2017
  • Research Proposals posted online - April 12, 2017
  • Announcement for Students to review research proposals - April 12
  • Student/Faculty Interview process and final selection - starts April 12 through April 27
  • Student/Faculty Final Selection  due to Office of Research -  April 28, 2017
  • Notification of funding awards - May 12, 2017
    • Letters sent to students/faculty regarding funding status
  • 1st Half funding Application - July 1, 2017
  • 2nd half of funding disbursed upon project completion and receipt of final abstracts



Stipends to SHP Students to work on Research or Scholarly Activity Project with SHP Faculty Members during the summer.  Examples of Scholarly Activity may include abstract, manuscript preparation, library research, presentation (invited, national regional), book chapter or book review, conference paper or software program as in a survey research.

Amount of Stipend:

Stipends of $1,500 will be awarded to each student who completes an agreed upon a project in a six to eight week period during the summer.

Interns must be SHP graduate students, with preference given to students who are less than half way through their Program. Faculty Researchers must have a terminal degree for the research component, however, this criteria is not required for the Scholarly Activity.  Where required,
 research must be approved by the proper Institutional Review Board.

Online Student Research Proposals:
Please click on the Student Research Proposals link below to view the applications in a pdf format. The student deadline to contact a faculty regarding a proposal is April 21, 2017. Please click on the link below.

Potential Interns:

If you are an SHP graduate student interested in applying for summer research please contact the faculty member listed on the application to begin the process (below).

Title of Proposal Proposal Type/Deptartment Faculty Contact


Including Adapted Physical Activity into a Physical Therapy Plan of Care  
Concept-Theory/ Rehab & Movement Sciences
Ellen Zambo Anderson;
Stride frequency and running economy during a fatiguing run.
Clinical/Rehab & Movement Sciences
Allison M. Brown;
Comparing Physical Activity Patterns between Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis and Healthy Controls
Clinical - Interim Analysis/Nutritional Sciences
Laura Byham-Gray;
Biomechanical and Neuromotor Changes Associated with Fatigue in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis during a 12-Minute Walk Test
Clinical/ Rehab & Movement Sciences
Even T. Cohen;
VSTEP: Clinical and Field Testing
Clinical/ Rehab & Movement Sciences
Judith Deutsch
Characteristics of Patients seen in an Orofacial Pain Clinic
Clinical_Survey/Rehab & Movement Sciences
Susan L. Edmond;
Sex Differences in Cognitive Function Post-Concussion
Clinical_Behavorial/Rehab & Movement Sciences

The effectiveness of transverse abdominis training on balance, postural sway and core muscle recruitment patterns: a comparison across age groups.

Laboratory/Rehab & Movement Sciences
Richard A. Ferraro;
Kinematic analysis of the Action Research Arm Test Laboratory/Rehab & Movement Sciences
Physical Therapy Guideline Implementability
Survey_Observation_Publicaiton/ Rehab & Movement Sciences
Sandra L. Kaplan;
Pancancer approaches to elucidate mechanisms of chemoresistance.
Computational (Computational Biology)/ Health Informatics
Antonina Mitrofanova;
Nutrition Interprofessional Case Review Participation
Educational/Nutritional Sciences
J. Scott Parrott;
Qualitative Data Analysis of Interviews conducted with participants of the T.H.E.B.E.S.T.: Target Health, Eat Better, End Sitting Time Intervention
Behavioral/Nutritional Sciences
Pamela Rothpletz-Puglia;
Somatosensory Changes Associated with Postpartum Depression
Systematic review_Manuscript preparation/ Rehab & Movement Sciences
Adrienne Simonds;
Writing a Proposal for a book
Educational/ Health Informatics
Riddhi J. Vyas;



For a list of the 2015 proposals, click here.

For a list of the 2014 proposals, click here.


See forms and applications listed in the table below.

Also, please refer to the action sheet below as a guide for faculty and students. To download free the Adobe PDF Reader please go to the official site at:


Student Interns for Research and Scholarly Activities

Forms and Applications

1. Procedure (pdf)
Please review the procedure outlined to apply to the program. (The letter for 2014 has not been received yet but the content is the same)

2. Calendar (word)

This document outlines the program's application phase and program phase of the Summer Research Intern Program. 

3. Application Project Proposal form (doc)
This form initiates the process and submits your project proposal / Scholarly Activity for consideration.  It is reviewed by the OR for completeness.  Once approved, it is posted on the OR website for students to view and contact the project director if interested.  All application project proposals are listed online under "Project Proposals" link on top.
4. Project Committment form (doc)
This form creates a record and confirms  committment with a student interested in doing the project. It outlines the project requirements and support needed to complete the project. It is used to track the status of the project and to initiate the 1st payment to the student. Once completed, it is sent electronically to the OR.
5. Final Abstract Form
This form is sent to confirm completion of project and to notify the OR of project closed out.   It provides the OR with a summary of the project requirements and how they have been met.    This form is required in order to submit the 2nd and final payment to the student and to officially close out the project.   



Questions? Contact Alexis Fulks at or 973-972-4339.







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