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The philosophy of the Rutgers School of Health Professions depicts quality health care, education,
practice and research as a community effort.


As a state-wide, multi-campus institution, the Rutgers School of Health Professions is committed to improving the quality of healthcare for the people of New Jersey and beyond through innovative academic programs, relevant research and scholarship, and meaningful community service.   

The School is a community of students, educators, researchers, practitioners, administrators and staff guided
by the following:

SHP Core Values

  • A culture of excellence
  • Collaboration and teamwork through internal and external partnerships
  • Mutual respect for students, staff, faculty and administrators
  • Respect for diversity
  • Patient-centered, multi-disciplinary approach
  • The highest ethical and professional standards
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and cost-effectiveness
  • Social responsibility 

This Philosophy and Mission was adopted by the Faculty at its meeting on January 23, 1995. It was revised to include
community service at the 10/07/96 Executive Council Meeting. Minor revisions were made by the Faculty at its 10/23/00
Faculty Meeting. Bold additions discussed and approved at January 2004 Faculty meeting. Updated and approved at
the 12/1/08 executive council meeting.

Approved at SHP Faculty Meeting January 2010


The Rutgers School of Health Professions is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the allied health professions through education, research and service.  The School stresses a humanistic approach to education
and client care.  Graduates will be prepared with the knowledge, skills, and intellectual maturity necessary to become progressive, innovative and inter-professional practitioners and leaders in a dynamic health care environment.  The School will continue to be a leader in its disciplines by developing programs that anticipate
the health care needs of society; increasing and expanding its academic and research partnerships across the state, nation and world; and continuing its efforts in technological advancement.

Approved at SHP Faculty Meeting January 2010


Approved at SHP Faculty Meeting January 2010





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