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The Rutgers School of Health Professions offers a wide variety of educational programs ranging from collaborative programs with secondary schools to graduate programs in the health sciences. Each program is tailored to meet emerging health care workforce needs as well as those of practicing health professionals. The hallmark of health care today is change. Not only is the Rutgers School of Health Professions equal to the challenges inherent in these changes, but we serve as agents of change in the ways in which we educate our students. It is our goal to offer the very best programming possible to help our students compete in such a health care environment. We view our students as the centerpiece of the School and we are extremely proud of their achievements. In response to newer learning styles and to students with enhanced computer skills, we have consistently changed our programs, added new and deleted unnecessary information from our courses and offered some of our courses in both traditional and technology-based formats. For example, we have a dynamic Center for Advanced and Continuing Education to help students to ease into advanced graduate or undergraduate courses. In addition, we have many distance learning courses on the Internet and have several fully web-based degree programs available particularly for working professionals. At the center of all this activity are you, the students.

Gwendolyn Mahon, Ph.D Dean

The School's faculty members are among the finest allied health faculty in the nation. The University takes great pride in their teaching as well it might, given the outstanding success of our graduates on national and regional licensure, registry or certifying examinations or judged by the high degree of satisfaction our graduates and their employers express. When you come to the Rutgers School of Health Professions, you will find a professional and competent faculty who will pay personal attention to your academic needs. Our faculty members are also engaged in research and scholarship and many of them are often invited to present papers at national, international and regional symposia or conferences.
At Rutgers SHP, we also place a high value on community service. The School shares in this sense of purpose and vision. As students in the Rutgers School of Health Professions you, too, will participate in these services as an integral part of your learning experiences.
As you read about the School's many programs in this catalog, you will discover a vibrant, exciting School well poised to prepare you as a health professional for the twenty-first century. Through these pages are written the words: opportunity, growth, advancement and satisfaction. I am pleased to welcome you to Rutgers School of Health Professions!

For more information on the School and our programs, please visit our website at

Gwendolyn, Mahon, Ph.D.

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